The British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC)

BMVC 2024: We are pleased to announce that BMVC will be held from 25th - 28th November 2024 in Glasgow. The timeline for the conference is now available and the paper submission deadline will be 23:59 GMT Friday, 10 May 2024. Please note, there will be no extension on the paper submission deadline.

BMVC 2024 Website

Call for Volunteers for hosting and organsing BMVC!

We are seeking volunteers to host and form the organising team for BMVC.

BMVC is a flagship conference and important conference for the global computer vision community; as such it is a priorty for the BMVA. The conference can only run with support of the vision community; the organisational teams include junior and senior researchers across both academia and industry from the UK and around the world.

The vision community, and the size of the conference, has expanded over recent years and we currently plan for around 500 attendees. This places a strain on the old model of hosting within a university with a team entirely from the same university. Instead, BMVC has moved to a model where the conference is split with general chairs comprising a local chair and a programme chair. The local chair is responsible for overseeing the physical hosting of the conference and the programme chair for the selection of the papers (appointing area chairs and reviewers, etc…). These chairs lead teams of volunteers who do not need to be at the same institution and we encourage forming a diverse team from across the global vision community.

The BMVA committee can assist with finding and securing venues if this is required (the scale of BMVC can now make it difficult to host within a university lecture theatre for example) and we can provide assistance with putting together the budget and sponsorship.

Proposals to Host a Future BMVC

If you would like to host BMVC, proposals are solicited in June of each year for the BMVC two years later. Please contact the Chair for further details.

Previous Conferences

The statistics of previous BMVCs may be of interest.

The BMVC proceedings style files are available on GitHub.

The online proceedings for past conferences are available:

Proceedings for the BMVC’s immediate predecessor, the Alvey Vision Conference, are also available:

Please note that copyright in BMVC papers is held by the authors in every instance. The BMVA, as publisher of the proceedings, holds copyright over the collection, but the authors may make any use of papers they have authored including making an exact copy available on their own or other websites.