Proceedings of the British Machine Vision Conference 1993

Front matter

Issues in Robot Vision Goesta H. Granlund

Automatic Machine Learning of Decision Rules for Classification Problems in Image Analysis P. Pudil, J. Novovicova and J. Kittler

Testing Face Recognition Systems Graham Robertson and Ian Craw

Saccade and Pursuit on an Active Head/Eye Platform K. J. Bradshaw, P. F. McLauchlan, I. D. Reid and D. W. Murray

Estimating Rigid 3D Motion by Stereo Fixation of Vertices D. Yang and J. Illingworth

Active Fixation for Scene Exploration Kjell Brunnstrom, Jan-Olof Eklundh and Tomas Uhlin

Model-driven Selection using Texture Tanveer Fathima Syeda-Mahmood

Active Animate Stereo Vision C. W. Urquhart, J. P. Siebert, J. P. McDonald and R. J. Fryer

Recognising Objects on the Ground-plane T. N. Tan, G. D. Sullivan and K. D. Baker

Determination of the Pose of an Articulated Object From a Single Perspective View M. Dhome, A. Yassine and J. M. Lavest

Statistical Partial Constraints for 3D Model Matching and Pose Estimation Problems M. Waite, M. Orr, R. Fisher and J. Hallam

Relative Positioning from Model Indexing Stefan Carlsson

On Computing The Perspective Transformation Matrix and Camera Parameters T. N. Tan, G. D. Sullivan and K. D. Baker

Isotropic Regularization Mads Nielsen

Robust Shape from Shading A. G. Jonesjmd C.J. Taylor

Model Construction from a Single Perspective View using Shape from Symmetry C. I. Attwood, G. D. Sullivan and K. D. Baker

Shape-from-copies Marc Van Diest Theo Moons, Luc Van Gool and Andre Oosterlinck

Geon Theory as an Account of Shape Recognition in Mind, Brain and Machine Irving Biederman, Eric E. Cooper, John E. Hummel and JozsefFiser

Parallel Texture Region Segmentation using a Pearl Bayes Network P. G. Ducksbury

Neural Networks for the Texture Classification of Segmented Regions of Forward Looking Infrared Images John F. Haddon, James F. Boyce, Simon Protheroe and Simon Hesketh

Strategies for Tracking Tokens in a Cluttered Scene Zhengyou Zhang

Perspective Alignment Back Projection for Monocular Tracking of Solid Objects Gilbert Verghese

From Contextual Knowledge to Computational Constraints Shaogang Gong and Hilary Buxton

Estimation of Complex Multimodal Motion: An Approach based on Robust Statistics and Hough Transform Miroslaw Bober and Josef Kittler

Modelled Object Pose Estimation and Tracking by Monocular Vision N. Daucher, M. Dhome, J. T. Lapreste, andG. Rives

Computationally Efficient Hough Transform for 2D Object Location E. R. Davies

The Coherent Circle Hough Transform T. J. Atherton and D. J. Kerbyson

Segmentation of 3D Articulated Objects by Dynamic Grouping of Discontinuities Dibio L. Borges and Robert B. Fisher

Multi-scale Hierarchical Segmentation L. D. Griffin^ G. P. Robinson, A. C. F. Colchester

Edge Enhancement and Fine Feature Restoration of Segmented Objects using Pyramid Based Adaptive Filtering A.E.Grace and M.Spann

Adding Grey Level Information to Point Distribution Models Using Finite Elements J. A. Marchant

A Distributed Approach to Image Interpretation Using Model-Based Spatial Reasoning A. Ratter, O. Baujard, C. J. Taylor and T. F. Cootes

A Generic System For Classifying Variable Objects Using Flexible Template Matching A. Lanitis, C. J. Taylor and T. F. Cootes -

Model-Based Interpretation of 3D Medical Images A. Hill, A. Thornham and C.J. Taylor

Extracting Structure from an Affine View of a 3D Point Set with One or Two Bilateral Symmetries Roger Fawcett, Andrew Zisserman and Michael Brady

Finding Point Correspondences in Motion Sequences Preserving Affine Structure G. Sudhir, Subhashis Banerjee and Andrew Zisserman

Towards 3D Object Model Acquisition and Recognition using 3D Affine Invariants Sven Vinther and Roberto Cipolla

Epipole Estimation Using Affine Motion Parallax Jonathan Lawn and Roberto Cipolla

Uncalibrated Stereo Hand-Eye Coordination Nicholas Hollinghurst and Roberto Cipolla

Face Segmentation For Identification Using Hidden Markov Models Ferdinando Samaria

Contextual Classification of Cracks N. Bryson, R. N. Dixon, J. J. Hunter and C. J. Taylor

Seismic Time Section Analysis Using Machine Vision Peter Tu, Andrew Zisserman and Ian Mason

The Use of Geometric Histograms for Model-Based Object Recognition Alun C. Evans, Neil A. Thacker and John E. W. Mayhew

Medical Image Registration Using Knowledge of Adjacency of Anatomical Structures Derek L. G. Hill and David J. Hawkes

A Robust Real Time Face Location Algorithm for Videophones C.Ponticos

Attentive Visual Tracking J. Roberts and D. Charnley

Colour and Texture in Cloud Identification: An Experimental Comparison of Neural Network and Bayesian Methods K. Richards and G. D. Sullivan

Monoplanar Camera Calibration Jorge Batista, Jorge Dias, Helder Araiijo, A Traqa de Almeida

Computation of Vehicle Trajectories Using a Neural Network Xu Zhang

Matching an Elastic Model of Chromosomal Shape to Features on a Self-Organising Map M. Turner, J. Austin, N. M. Allinson and P. Thompson

Texture Analysis Using Neural Networks and Mode Filters D.Greenhill and E.R.Davies

Automated detection of Breast Asymmetries I Peter Miller and Sue Astley

An Optimised Vanishing Point Detector P. Palmer and A. Tai

Generation, Verification and Localization of Object Hypotheses based on Colour J. Matas, R. Marik and J. Kittler

Occlusion Analysis of Spatiotemporal Images for Surface Reconstruction Takayuki Yasuno and Satoshi Suzuki

Advances in Model-Based Traffic Vision A. D. Worrall, G. D. Sullivan and K. D. Baker

Invariant Fitting of Arbitrary Single-Extremum Surfaces Andrew W. Fitzgibbon and Robert B. Fisher

Multi-Scale Salience Distance Transforms Paul L. Rosin and Geoff A.W. West

Hierarchical Matching Beats The Non-Wildcard and Interpretation Tree Model Matching Algorithms Robert B. Fisher

Graduated Non-Convexity by Smoothness Focusing Mads Nielsen

An Adjustment-Free Stereo Matching Algorithm Ruihua Ma, Monique Thonnat and Marc Berthod

Visually Salient 3D Model Acquisition from Range Data Edvaldo M. Bispo, Andrew W. Fitzgibbon and Robert B. Fisher

Bayesian Corner Detection Xining Zhang and Robert M. Haralick

Active Shape Model Search using Local Grey-Level Models: A Quantitative Evaluation T.F. Cootes and C.J. Taylor

Motion Correspondence Using a Neural Network G. H. Sarigianidis and D. Pycock

Affine Stereo Calibration for Relative Affine Shape Reconstruction Long Quan