One Day Meetings

One of the major activities of the British machine Vision Association (BMVA) is the organisation and facilitation of Technical Meetings on activities of interest to its membership. The meetings are normally one day meetings, held in a central London venue holding between 45 and 90 people. A chair or group of chairs in a specific area of machine vision proposes a meeting topic to the BMVA and the BMVA then deals with the routine matters of organisation that are common to all meetings, while the chair is the person responsible for organisation of item such as technical programme and individual speakers.

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You do not need to be a member of the BMVA to attend one of our technical meetings. If you attend as a non-member you are automatically signed up to the BMVA for that year.

Volunteer to chair your own meeting

We are currently SEEKING VOLUNTEERS to host meetings for Autumn 2024 onwards.

This is not a hard task and involves:

All other arrangements (finances, food, registration, room-booking etc.) will be taken care of by the BMVA. Please contact Andrew Gilbert if you are interested in hosting one of the future meetings.

Upcoming Meetings

Over the coming year we have a number of exciting meetings. Please see below for a list of the upcoming meetings (also referenced in our upcoming events on the main page). The links below will provide additional details about the meetings and the ability to book a ticket to attend.

Previous Meetings

Many of the talks from previous meetings are also available on our YouTube channel.