Travel Bursaries for Conferences

The BMVA regrets that it’s not able to offer bursaries in 2022, we hope to reopen the scheme in 2023.

In order to encourage UK postgraduate students to present work at international conferences, the BMVA issues bursaries to help cover the travel and conference costs. A number of such bursaries, of up to £750 each, are issued annually. In return, the recipient is expected to write a report on the conference for inclusion in BMVA News, or equivalent work for the BMVA website as agreed with the bursaries officer, and to present their paper at a BMVA-organised meeting in the autumn.

To be eligible, you must be:

To apply for such a Student Bursary, please write to the bursaries officer enclosing:

Bursary applications are considered shortly after a fixed number of deadlines. You can submit applications at any time but your application will be considered only after the deadline. The results will be announced directly to applicants. The deadlines are at the end of March, May, July, September and November.

Preference is given to papers where the student is first author, to oral presentations, and to students who have not already received a bursary. The committee reserves the right to restrict the total number of bursaries awarded for any one conference.

Students receiving bursaries are expected to acknowledge their receipt of a BMVA bursary in their oral presentation or poster.

Successful applicants will be sent the agreed funds upon receipt by the secretary of:

This must be done within two calendar months of the end of the conference.

BMVC Bursaries

Special provision for student bursaries for BMVC (usually covering the cost of the conference itself) are arranged each year by the BMVC organisers. For details, contact the conference organiser or look at the BMVC web page.