Thesis Archive

The BMVA keeps an archive of PhD theses written by students at UK institutions. These are organised chronologically:

Year Author Institution Title
2016 Jessie Catherine Thomson University of Manchester Algorithms for Automatic Analysis of Radiographs of the Knee with Application in Diagnosis and Monitoring of Osteoarthritis
2016 Shuai Kyle Zheng University of Oxford Holistic image understanding with deep learning and dense random fields
2016 Karel Lebeda University of Surrey 2D and 3D Tracking and Modelling
2016 Helen L. Bear University of East Anglia Decoding visemes: improving machine lip-reading
2016 Houari Abdallahi University College London Automatic analysis of malaria infected red blood cell digitized microscope images
2015 Xiatian Zhu Queen Mary, University of London Semantic Structure Discovery in Surveillance Videos
2015 Danhang Tang Imperial College London 3D Hand Pose Regression with Variants of Decision Forests
2015 Carlos Arteta University of Oxford Computer Vision and Machine Learning for Microscopy Image Analysis
2015 Stuart James University of Surrey Visual Narratives: Free-hand Sketch for Visual Search and Navigation of Video
2014 Panitnat Yimyam University of Essex Agricultural Produce Grading by Computer Vision Based on Genetic Programming
2014 Sebastian Stein University of Dundee Multi-modal recognition of manipulation activities through visual accelerometer localization, relational histograms, and user-adaptation
2014 Di Wu University of Sheffield Human Action Recognition Using Deep Probabilistic Graphical Models
2014 Vibhav Vineet Oxford Brookes University Recognition, Reorganisation, Reconstruction and Reinteraction for Scene Understanding
2014 Ehab Mohamed Mahmoud Essa Swansea University Combinatorial Optimisation for Arterial Image Segmentation
2014 Adeline Paiement University of Bristol Integrated Registration, Segmentation, and Interpolation for 3D/4D Sparse Data
2014 Paul D Tar University of Manchester Quantitative Planetary Image Analysis via Machine Learning
2014 Ognjen Rudovic Imperial College, London Machine Learning Techniques for Automated Analysis of Facial Expressions
2014 Violet Snell University of Surrey Shape and texture recognition for automated analysis of pathology images
2014 Andre Mouton Cranfield University On artefact reduction, segmentation and classification of 3D computed tomography imagery in baggage security screening
2013 Relja Arandjelovic University of Oxford Advancing Large Scale Object Retrieval
2013 G. Erkan Bostanci University of Essex User Tracking Methods for Augmented Reality Applications in Cultural Heritage
2013 Xiantong Zhen University of Sheffield Feature Extraction and Representation for Human Action Recognition
2013 Nadia Kanwal University of Essex Low-Level Image Features and Navigation Systems for Visually Impaired People
2013 Seyed Mohammad Ali Elsami University of Edinburgh Generative Probabilistic Models for Object Segmentation
2013 Mattias Paul Heinrich University of Oxford Deformable lung registration for pulmonary image analysis of MRI and CT scans
2013 Osian Haines University of Bristol Interpreting the Structure of Single Images by Learning from Examples
2012 Tinghuai Wang University of Surrey Computer Vision for the Structured Representation and Stylisation of Visual Media Collections
2012 Patrick Ott University of Leeds Segmentation Features, Visibility Modeling and Shared Parts for Object Detection
2012 Clement Creusot University of York Automatic Landmarking for Non-cooperative 3D Face Recognition
2012 Mark Hansen University of the West of England 3D Face Recognition using Photometric Stereo
2012 Shoaib Ehsan University of Essex Improving the Effectiveness of Local Feature Detection
2012 Marco Paladini University of London Deformable and Articulated 3D Reconstruction from monocular video sequences
2011 Harry Strange University of Wales Piecewise-Linear Manifold Learning
2011 Xiaosong Wang Bristol University Automatic Quality Improvement of Archive Film
2011 Michal Lewandowski Kingston University Advanced Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction Methods for Multidimensional Time Series: Application to Human Motion Analysis
2011 Chris Russell Oxford Brookes University Higher-Order Inference for Vision Problems
2011 Ankur Patel University of York 3D Morphable Models: Data Pre-Processing, Statistical Analysis and Fitting
2011 Zdenek Kalal University of Surrey Tracking-Learning-Detection
2011 Lubor Ladicky Oxford Brookes University Global Structured Models towards Scene Understanding
2011 Telmo Amaral University of Dundee Analysis of breast tissue microarray spots
2011 Kirill Sidorov Cardiff University Groupwise Non-Rigid Registration For Automatic Construction Of Appearance Models Of The Human Craniofacial Complex For Analysis, Synthesis, And Simulation
2011 Fei Yin Kingston University Robust wide-area multi-camera tracking of people and vehicles to improve CCTV usage
2011 Dumebi Okwechime University of Surrey Computational Models of Socially Interactive Animation
2011 Osemwaro Pedro Imperial College London A Probabilistic Approach to Tracking Deformable Patches for Image-Guided Surgery
2010 John Darby Manchester Metropolitan University 3D Human Motion Tracking and Pose Estimation using Probabilistic Activity Models
2010 Shervin Rahimzadeh Arashloo University of Surrey Pose-Invariant 2D Face Recognition by Matching Using Graphical Models
2010 Neill Campbell University of Cambridge Automatic 3D Model Acquisition from Uncalibrated Images
2010 Thomas Lampert University of York Spectrogram Track Detection: An Active Contour Framework
2010 Karteek Alahari Oxford Brookes University Efficient Inference and Learning for Computer Vision Labelling Problems
2010 Charles Bibby University of Oxford Probabilistic Methods for Enhanced Marine Situational Awareness
2010 Norbert Buch Kingston University Classification of Vehicles for Urban Traffic Scenes
2010 Mary Yip University of Surrey Image Simulation Framework for Digital Mammography Systems
2010 S N Coupe University of Manchester Machine Learning of Projected 3D Shape
2009 Ben Daubney Bristol University Using Low-Level Motion for High-Level Vision
2009 Vasileios Zografos University College London Pose-invariant, model-based objectrecognition, using linear combination of viewsand Bayesian statistics
2009 Margarita Chli Imperial College, London Applying Information Theory to Efficient SLAM
2009 Dima Aldamen University of Leeds Activity Analysis: Finding Explanations for Sets of Events
2009 Oliver Woodford University of Oxford Priors for New View Synthesis
2009 Mukta Prasad University of Oxford Class-based Single View Reconstruction
2009 Ching-Wei Wang University of Lincoln Video Monitoring and Analysis of Human Behavior for Diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
2009 Jorge Cabello University of Surrey High throughput digital Beta autoradiography imaging
2009 Olly Oechsle University of Essex Towards the Automatic Construction of Machine Vision Systems using Genetic Programming
2009 Matthew Foster University of Bath Reconstruction and Motion Estimation of Sparsely Sampled Ionospheric Data
2009 Andrew Gilbert University of Surrey Scalable and Adaptable Tracking of Humans in Multiple Camera Systems
2008 Spela Ivekovic Heriot Watt University Disparity Map Completion for Trilinear-Tensor View Synthesis from Wide-Baseline Stereo
2008 Tilo Burghardt Bristol University Visual Animal Biometrics
2008 Dacheng Tao University of London Discriminative Linear and Multilinear Subspace Methods
2008 Pawan Mudigonda Oxford Brookes University Combinatorial and Convex Optimization for Probabilistic Models in Computer Vision
2008 Gregor Miller University of Surrey High Quality Novel View Rendering from Multiple Cameras
2007 Pushmeet Kohli Oxford Brookes University Minimizing Dynamic and Higher Order Energy Functions using Graph Cuts
2007 Hongfang Wang University of York Non-Rigid Motion Behaviour Learning: A Spectral and Graphical Approach
2007 Gary Atkinson University of York Surface Shape and Reflectance Analysis Using Polarisation
2007 David Claus University of Oxford High Accuracy Metrology Using Low-Resolution Cameras
2007 Xiao Bai University of York Heat Kernel Analysis on Graphs
2007 Sergio Hernandez-Marin Heriot Watt University Bayesian analysis of lidar signals using reversible jump Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms
2007 William A. P. Smith University of York Statistical Methods For Facial Shape-from-shading and Recognition
2007 Daniel Parnham University of York An Infrastructure for Video-Augmented Environments
2006 Teofilo de Campos University of Oxford 3D Visual Tracking of Articulated Objects and Hands
2006 Mario Castelan University of York Face Shape Recovery from a Single Image View
2006 Huaijun Qiu University of York Spectral Methods for Computer Vision Problems
2006 Georg Klein University of Cambridge Visual Tracking for Augmented Reality
2006 Alex I. Bazin University of Southampton On Probabilistic Methods for Object Description and Classification
2006 Philip Tresadern University of Oxford Visual Analysis of Articulated Motion
2006 N. D. H. Dowson University of Surrey Simultaneously Modelling and Tracking using Mutual Information
2006 John Chiverton University of Surrey Probabilistic Partial Volume Modelling of Biomedical Tomographic Image Data
2006 Fabrice Caillette University of Manchester Realtime markerless human body tracking
2006 Josef Sivic University of Oxford Efficient visual search of images and videos
2006 Alessio Del Bue University of London Deformable 3-D Modelling from Uncalibrated Video Sequences
2006 Neil Robertson University of Oxford Automatic Causal Reasoning for Video Surveillance
2006 Mark E. Roberts Birmingham University Co-operative Co-evolution of Image Feature Extractors and Object Detection Algorithms
2006 Toby Breckon Edinburgh University Completing unknown portions of 3D scenes via 3D visual propagation
2006 George Vogiatzis University of Cambridge Visual Estimation of Shape, Reflectance and Illumination
2006 Edward Rosten University of Cambridge High performance rigid body tracking
2006 Marc Servais University of Surrey Content-Based Motion Compensation and its application to Video Compression
2006 Jean-Yves Guillemaut University of Surrey Contributions to image-based object reconstruction: geometric and photometric aspects
2006 James Revell Bristol University Computer Vision Elastography
2005 Robert Fergus University of Oxford Visual Object Category Recognition
2005 Ioannis Douros University of London Calculating the Curvature Shape Characteristics of the Human Body from 3D Scanner Data
2005 Antonio Micilotta University of Surrey Detection and Tracking of Humans for Visual Interaction
2005 Timothy Roberts University of Dundee Efficient Human Pose Estimation from Real World Images
2004 David Cristinacce University of Manchester Automatic Detection of Facial Features in Grey Scale Images
2004 Amir Monadjemi Bristol University Towards Efficient Texture Classification and Abnormality Detection
2004 Dimitrios Makris City University, London Learning an Activity-Based Semantic Scene Model
2004 Andrea Torsello University of York Matching Hierarchical Structures for Shape Recognition
2004 Ian Scott University of Manchester Searching Image Databases Using Appearance Models
2004 Hossein Ragheb University of York Improved Shape from Shading Using Non-Lambertian Reflectance Models
2004 John Collomosse University of Bath Higher Level Techniques for the Artistic Rendering of Images and Video
2004 Janko Calic University of London Highly Efficient Low-Level Feature Extraction For Video Representation And Retrieval
2004 Kolawole Babalola University of Manchester Three-Dimensional Morphometric Analysis of Brain Ventricles Using Statistical Shape Models
2004 Bjorn Dietmar Rafael Stenger University of Cambridge Model-Based Hand Tracking Using A Hierarchical Bayesian Filter
2004 Sarah Porter Bristol University Video Segmentation and Indexing using Motion Estimation
2003 Niklas Ludtke University of York A Population Coding Approach to Edge Detection and Perceptual Grouping
2003 Antonio Robles-Kelly University of York Graph-spectral Methods for Computer Vision
2003 Roberto Fraile Reading University The Minimum Description Length Method with an Application to the Visual Estimation of Vehicle Trajectories
2003 Jonathan Starck University of Surrey Human Modelling from Multiple Views
2003 Dimosthenis Karatzas Liverpool University Text Segmentation in Web Images Using Colour Perception and Topological Features
2003 George Gagaudakis University of Wales Content based image retrieval using histograms
2003 Derek Charles University of London Algorithmic and learning based filtering techniques with application to colour image noise suppression and enhancement
2003 Nils T Siebel Reading University Design and Implementation of People Tracking Algorithms for Visual Surveillance Applications
2002 Bin Luo University of York Statistical Methods for Point Pattern Matching
2002 Rhodri Huw Davies University of Manchester Learning Shape: Optimal Models for Analysing Natural Variability
2001 Mike Rogers University of Manchester Exploiting Weak Constraints on Object Structure and Appearance for Segmentation of 2-D Images
2001 (Albert) Chi Shing Chung University of Oxford Vessel and Aneurysm Reconstruction using Speed and Flow Coherence Information in Phase Contrast Magnetic Resonance Angiograms
1999 Richard Bowden Brunel University Learning Non-linear Models of Shape and Motion
1999 Richard Myers University of York Genetic Algorithms for Ambiguous Labelling Problems
1999 Benoit Huet University of York Object Recognition From Large Libraries of Line Patterns
1999 Gareth J Edwards University of Manchester Learning to Identify Faces in Images and Video Sequences
1998 Neil Johnson University of Leeds Learning Object Behaviour Models
1996 Richard Wilson University of York Inexact Graph Matching Using Symbolic Constraints

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