BMVA 3 Day Symposium

Special Event: BMVA 3 Day Symposium

Kimpton Clocktower, Manchester, 4th - 6th April 2022

Organisers: Neill Campbell, Andrew Gilbert, Tim Cootes

The BMVA presents an in-person symposium in Manchester on April 4th – 6th, 2022. Aiming to bring together all machine vision researchers based in the UK through and comprehensive programme of keynotes, "missed" orals from recent online BMVC/CVPR/ICCV… conferences, and extended poster sessions. The event includes lunches, coffee breaks and dinners in Manchester's grand Kimpton Clocktower hotel. The event is closest in ethos to an extended multi-day BMVA technical meeting previous held in London workshop taking the form of a greatly expanded, We intend to keep the cost of attending as low as possible and make sure there are no barriers from the whole computer vision community attending from PhD to Professors in academia and industry. All participants will receive space for a poster, and there will be a variety of additional timetabled sessions.

Programme of talks

pdf of Programme available Here


12.30-1.30pm Buffet lunch

1.30 Welcome

1.45 Sagar Vaze – University of Oxford – Open-Set Recognition: A Good Closed Set Classifier is all you Need

2.05 Tu Bui – University of Surrey - content provenance for images and videos

2.25 Yuki Asano – University of Amsterdam - Keeping Your Eye on the Ball: Trajectory Attention in Video Transformers

2.45 Coffee

3.30 Muhammad Ahmed Raza - University of Edinburgh - Object-Centric Representation Learning with Generative Spatial-Temporal Factorization

3.50 Adam J Shephard - University of Warwick - Simultaneous Nuclear Instance and Layer Segmentation in Oral Epithelial Dysplasia

4.10 Connor James Robinson - University of Manchester - Segmentation of Multiple Tissue Types in Regenerating Wounds

4.30 Nikolina Kubiak - University of Surrey - SILT: Self-supervised Lighting Transfer Using Implicit Image Decomposition

4.50 End

7pm Drinks Reception

8pm Sit down Dinner


8.30 Coffee

9.00 Welcome

9.10 Margaret Duff – University of Bath - Regularising Inverse Imaging Problems using Generative Machine Learning Methods

9.30 Aneeshan Sain – University of Surrey - StyleMeUp: Towards Style-Agnostic Sketch-Based Image Retrieval

9.50 Spotlights

10.30 Coffee + posters

11.30 Keynote: Andrew Davison - Imperial college London - A Robot Web for Multi-Robot Localisation

12.30 lunch

1.30 Srijay Deshpande - University of Warwick - Stitching Across the FROntier Network for Generating Colorectal Cancer Histology Images

1.50 Dan Ruta – University of Surrey – ALADIN: All Layer Adaptive Instance Normalization for Fine-grained Style Similarity

2.10 Pinaki Nath Chowdhury – University of Surrey - Partially Does It: Towards Scene-Level FG-SBIR with Partial Input

2.30 Coffee + posters

3.30 Ayan Kumar Bhunia – University of Surrey - Vectorization and Rasterization: Self-Supervised Learning for Sketch and Handwriting

3.50 Robert Dawes – BBC R&D – Using AI to assist natural history production

4.10 Manuel Rey Area – University of Bath

4.30 Raja Ebsim – University of Manchester - Analysing hips/knees scans in the UK Biobank

4.50 End

7pm Drinks Reception

8pm Sit down Dinner


8.30 Coffee

9.15 Welcome

9.30 Prajwal Kondajji Renukananda - Visual Keyword Spotting with Attention – University of Oxford

9.50 Spotlights

10.30 Coffee + posters

11.50 Laura Hanu – Unitary - VTC: Improving Video-Text Retrieval with User Comments

12.10 Ayna Das - University of Surrey - Pixelor: a competitive sketching AI agent. so you think you can sketch?

12.30 lunch

1.30 Finish


We are keeping the cost of attending as low as possible and ensuring no barriers from the whole computer vision community attending. We anticipate that UK restrictions will permit national travel to allow attendance. However, we welcome attendance from colleagues overseas at your own risk, and we are not issuing visa letters.

The registration costs are as follows

Please register below or via eventbrite on this link:    Register Here

We are looking forward to the BMVA 3 Day Symposium and hope to see you there! As we all know, it has been a challenging time for organising research events, and we hope that this in-person meeting will be a welcome opportunity for everyone to meet up and discuss research. As the circumstances are unusual, please make sure you read the following:

Research Focus: We strongly encourage all attendees to submit a short 1 page abstract of work they would like to present at the event, and all attendees will be given space for a poster. Whilst the abstracts will be checked for topic and relevance, there is no formal peer-review process, and there will be no formal proceedings published. There will be no restrictions from the BMVA on dual-submission and attendees are free to choose whether they would like to present previous work (e.g. already published), current work in progress, or just new ideas that they wish to discuss or receive feedback on.


We welcome sponsorship from companies; options include hosting stands at the event and organising activities for attendees. Please get in contact with Andrew Gilbert for more details.


Please register using the Eventbrite link below (please scroll within the frame for all options and questions):


The registration does not include accommodation. Rooms can be booked at the Kimpton Clocktower event hotel in Manchester, but participants are free to stay wherever. Alternative hotels that are nearby include (with rough price estimates as of June 2021):

Presentation details

Oral Presentations

The oral presentations are expected to be 15 minutes long, followed by 5 minutes of questions. Our AV team at the event will have a windows based computer to present via Powerpoint. Alternatively, you are welcome to use your device to connect via an HDMI port. After the oral presentation deadline of 28th March, a complete programme will be created with the time slots.

Poster Presentations

The posters will be kept up for an entire day, and several poster sessions will occur throughout the day. Each poster presentation will have a single poster board, 2.1m high and 1.2m wide. They should just fit A0 in either portrait or landscape form, we wish to encourage attendees not to waste time reformatting posters and welcome portrait and landscape designs if already created for a previous conference.

Demo Presentations

Each demo request receives a 6ft trestle table and is situated close to some standard 13A British plug sockets. The demos will be co-located with the poster presentations and co-occur.