Proceedings of the British Machine Vision Conference 1990


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Invited Papers

Technology innovations and product design issues in machine vision: The Technical Arts Corporation experience S White

On the computational neurobiology of curve detection S W Zucker, A Dobbins and L Iverson

Session II: Model-based Vision 1

Transformational invariance - a primer D A Forsyth, J L Mundy and A Zisserman

Relative motion and pose from invariants A Zisserman, C Marinos, D A Forsyth, J L Mundy and C A Rothwcll

Feature grouping in a hierarchical probabilistic network W Dickson

Session III: Stereo Metrology

Epipolar geometry for trinocular active range-sensors A Blake, D McCowen, H R Lo and D Konash

Optimal combination of stereo camera calibration from arbitrary stereo images N A Thacker, JEW Mayhew

Recovering partial 3D wire frame descriptions from stereo data S B Pollard, J Porrill and JEW Mayhew

Curve matching and stereo calibration J Porrill and S B Pollard

Session IV: Feature Extraction 1

Robust estimation of shape parameters G A Jones, J Princen, J Illingworth and J KMler

Active intelligent vision using the dynamic generalized Hough Transform V F Leavers

A probabilistic approach to the Hough Transform R S Stephens

Shape verification using belief updating C J Taylor and D H Cooper

Session VI: Motion 1

Resolution of the Bas-relief ambiguity in structure-from-motion under orthographic projection C Harris

RAPID - a video rate object tracker C Harris and C Stennett

Kalman filtering of pose estimates in applications of the RAPID video rate tracker R Evans

Determining motion from 3D line segment matches: a comparative study

Session VII: Feature Extraction 2

Optimal probabilistic relaxation labeling I Poole

Construction of a scale-space primal sketch T Lindeberg and J Eklundh

Feature grouping by ‘relocalisation’ of eigenvectors of the proximity matrix G L Scott and H C Longuet-Higgins

Session VIII: Motion 2

Computation of discontinous optical flow by domain decomposition and shape optimization C Schnorr

Towards qualitative vision: motion parallax A Blake, R Cipolla and A Zisserman

Using a combined stereo/temporal matcher to determine ego-motion N A Thacker, Y Zheng and R Blackbourn

Integration of stereo and motion E Sparks and M Stephens

Session IX: Medical Image Understanding

A model-based approach to the reconstruction of three dimensional arteries from biplane angiograms S T Rake, K D Baker and G D Sullivan

Edge-region integration for segmentation of MR images G J Brelstaff, M C Ibison and P J Elliott

Model-based interpretation of anatomical structures in cranial MR images C I Attwood, G D Sullivan, G P Robinson, K D Baker and A C F Colchester

The use of the grey level SAT to find the salient cavities in echocardiograms

Session XI: Applications and Hardware

Automatic inspection of surface mount solder joints using X-ray images E Griffiths and R Jordan

A distributed blackboard system for vision applications M D Brown and R B Fisher

A multiprocessor 3D vision system for pick and place M Rygol, S B Pollard and C Brown

A fast algorithm for computing optic flow and its implementation on a Transputer array H Wang, J M Brady and I Page

Session XII: Shape from X and Surface Reconstruction

Shape from texture:textural invariance and the problem of scale in perspective images of textured surfaces J V Stone

Calculating the surface topography of integrated circuit wafers from SEM images T P Ellison and C J Taylor

Integrating stereo and photometric stereo to monitor the development of glaucoma S Lee and J M Brady

Stereoscopic recovery and description of smooth textured surfaces P F Mclauchlan, JEW Mayhem and J P Frisby

Reconstruction of visual appearance P R J North

Session XIII: Model-based Vision 2

3-D object recognition and orientation from both noisy and occluded 2-D data D P Illing, P T Fairney and R J Wiltshire

Model based 3D grouping by using 2D cues 5 Zhang, L Du, G D Sullivan and K D Baker

3-D cues from a single view: detection of elliptical arcs and model-based perspective backprojection S Masciangelo

Using geometrical rules and a priori knowledge for the understanding of indoor scenes C Coelho, M Straforini and M Campani

Session XIV: Segmentation

Texture segmentation for defining driveable regions A Grunes and J F Sherlock

Extracting second-order topograhic surface features from range data R B Fisher

Segmentation of planar curves using local and global behaviour analysis L-D Cai , J Porrill , S B Pollard , J E W Mayhew and J P Frisby

Sessions V and X: POSTERS

Combining cues for mammographic abnormalities S M Astley and C J Taylor

Prediction of stereo disparity using optical flow P A Beardsley, J M Brady and D W Murray

Model based segmentation of radiological images of the cranium M G Cawley and K Natarajan

An empirical study on the effects of spatial discretization error in a stereo vision system K L Chan and A K Forrest

An uncalibrated stereo visual servo system A Conkie and P Chongstitvatana

Depth extraction by focal/aperture variation S R Daniel

An analysis of hole detection schemes E R Davits and S P Barker

An intelligent visual task system for lateral skull X-ray images D N Davits and C J Taylor

Classifying symmetry sets M M Fleck

On recognition of features in polyhedral scenes P Grossmann

Simultaneous region and edge segmentation of infrared images using non-maximal suppression for edge thinning J F Haddon and J F Boyce

Evaluation of a real-time kinetic depth system G M Hayts and R B Fisher

Symbolic image matching by simulated annealing L Herault, R Horaud, F Veillon and J Niez

Parabolic and hermite cubic finite elements: a flexible technique for deformable models P Karaolani, G D Sullivan and K D Baker

Digital or analog Hough Transform? N Kiryati, M Lindenbaum and A M Brucksiein

Robust grouping of intensity changes in outdoor scenes by a histogram and graph based method A Korn

The computation of deformation and rotation in stereopsis K Langley, B J Rogers and J M Brady

Filter based estimates of depth S J Maybank

A test of camera noise models A M Mclvor

A head called Richard P Mowforth, P Siebert, Z P Jin and C Urquhart

Integrating visual search with visual memory in a knowledge directed image interpretation system T P Pridmort and S H Joseph

Interpreting trihedral vertices by using assumptions about the angles between the edges G Probert and R Cowie

Perceptual grouping of circular arcs under projection P L Rosin and G A W West

A parallel path planning algorithm for mobile robots C Shu and H Buxton

Robust ego-motion estimation D A Sinclair, A Blake and D W Murray

Active contours in medical image processing using a networked SIMD array processor G D Sullivan, A D Worrall, R W Hockney and K D Baker

A knowledge based system for measuring faces D Tock, I Craw and R Lishman

An application of active contour models to head boundary location J B Waite and W J Welsh

Fast object recognition using a hybrid optical/digital processor D J F Walker and C R Chatwin

Segmentation coding using edge detection and region merging Y Yu

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