Proceedings of the British Machine Vision Conference 1992

Front matter

Performance Characterization in Computer Vision R.M. Haralick

Training Models of Shape from Sets of Examples T.F. Cootes, C.J. Taylor, D.H. Cooper and J. Graham

The Delaunay/Voronoi Selection Graph: A Method for Extracting Shape Information from 2-D Dot-patterns with an Extension to 3-D G. Robinson, L. Griffin and A. Colchester

Range Recovery using Virtual Multi-camera Stereo D.W. Murray and P.A. Beardsley

Robust Recovery of 3D Ellipse Data S. Pollard and J. Porrill

Affine and Projective Structure from Motion S. Demey, A. Zisserman and P.A. Beardsley

Planar Region Detection and Motion Recovery D. Sinclair, A. Blake, S. Smith and C. Rothwell

3D Structure and Motion Estimation from 2D Image Sequences T.N. Tan, K.D. Baker and G.D. Sullivan

Statistical Detection of Independent Movement from a Moving Camera P.H.S. Torr and D.W. Murray

Accurate Boundary Location from Motion J.A. Marchant

From Features to Perceptual Categories W. Richards, J. Feldman and A. Jepson

Vanishing Point Detection A. Tai, J. Kittler, M. Petrou and T. Windeatt

Contextual Junction Finder J. Matas and J. Kittler

Generation of 3D Dense Depth Maps by Dynamic Vision J. Santos-Victor and J. Sentieiro

A New Class of Corner Finder S. Smith

On Evidence Assessment for Model-based Recognition L. Du, G.D. Sullivan and K.D. Baker

Lane Boundary Tracking for an Autonomous Road Vehicle N.W. Campbell and B.T. Thomas

Indexing Two-dimensional Objects Using Parametrised Geometric Features C.C.Hand

The Adaptive Bisector Method: Separating Slant and Tilt in Estimating Shape from Texture J.V. Stone

A Step Towards Efficient Bayesian Signal Reconstruction J.W.Dickson

Multistage Combined Ellipse and Line Detection G.A.W. West and P.L. Rosin

Using Colour Templates for Target Identification and Tracking S. Brock-Gunn and T. Ellis

Machine Vision Inspection of Web Textile Fabric L. Norton-Wayne, M. Bradshaw and A.J. Jewell

Multiresolution Estimation of 2-D Disparity Using a Frequency Domain Approach A.D. Calway, H. Knutsson and A. Wilson

Estimating Mean Disparity of Stereo Images Using Shift-trials of Phase Differences Li-Dong Cai and J.E.W. Mayhew

On Transparent Motion Computation K. Lansley, D.J. Fleet and T.J. Atherton

A Neural Network Approach to Recognition of Structural Aberrations in Chromosomes M. Turner, J. Austin, N. Allinson and P. Thompson

Active Shape Models - ‘smart snakes’ T.F. Cootes and C.J. Taylor

A Generic System for Image Interpretation Using Flexible Templates A. Hill, T.F. Cootes and C.J. Taylor

Recognition of Volcanoes on Venus Using Correlation Methods C.R. Wiles and M.R.B. Forshaw

The Use of Symmetry Chords for Expressing Grey Level Constraints D.R. Bailes and C.J. Taylor

A Matching and Tracking Strategy for Independently Moving Objects L.S. Shapiro, H. Wang and JM. Brady

Statistical Analysis of a Stereo Matching Algorithm N.A. Thacker and P. Courtney

Line Based Trinocular Stereo D. Yang and J. lllingworth

Stereo Without Disparity Gradient Smoothing: A Bayesian Sensor Fusion Solution J.J. Cox, S. Hingorani, BM. Maggs and S.B. Rao

On Local Matching of Free-form Curves Z. Zhang

Coarse Image Motion for Saccade Control P.F. McLauchlan, I. Reid and D.W. Murray

Vergence Micromovements and Depth Perception A. Francisco

Layered Architecture for the Control of Micro Saccadic Tracking of a Stereo Camera Head J.E.W. Mayhew, Y. Zheng and S.A. Billings

Image Tracking in Real-time: A Transputer Emulation of Some Early Mammalian Vision Processes P.H. Welch and D.C. Wood

A Curvature Sensitive Filter and its Application in Microfossil Image Characterisation J.P. Oakley and R.T. Shann

Measuring Geometrical Parameters of Involute Spur Gears to Sub-pixel Resolution M.J.Robinson and J.P. Oakley

Camera Calibration Using Vanishing Points P.A. Beardsley and D.W. Murray

Ground Plane Motion Parameter Estimation for Non-circular Paths G.J. Ellwood, Y. Zheng, S.A. Billings, J.E.W. Mayhew and J.P. Frisby

Estimation of Cloud Cover Using Colour and Texture K. Richards and G.D. Sullivan

Building a Model of a Road Junction Using Moving Vehicle Information X. Li-Qun, D.S.Young and D.C. Hogg

Off-line Handwriting Recognition by Recurrent Error Propagation Networks AW. Senior and F. Fallside

Evaluating a Hidden Markov Model of Syntax in a Text Recognition System S. Hanlon and R.D. Boyle

Segmentation of Music Primitives K.C. Ng and R.D. Boyle

Active Contours Using Finite Elements to Control Local Scale P. Karaolani, G.D. Sullivan and K.D. Baker

Automatic Face Location to Enhance Videophone Picture T.I.P. Trew, R.D. Gauery, D. Thanassas and E. Badique

Face Recognition by Computer I. Craw and P. Cameron

A Comparison of Vector Quantization Codebook Generation Algorithms Applied to Automatic Face Recognition C.S. Ramsay, K. Sutherland, D. Renshaw and P. B. Denyer

Blink Rate Monitoring for a Driver Awareness System D. Tock and I. Craw

Online Calibration of a 4 DOF Stereo Head N.A. Thacker and P. Courtney

Visibility Scripts for Active Feature-based Inspection E. Trucco, E. Thirion, M. Umasuthan and AM. Wallace

Ground Plane Obstacle Detection Under Variable Camera Geometry Using a Predictive Stereo Matcher S. Cornell, J. Porrill and J.E.W. Mayhew

Non-wildcard Matching Beats the Interpretation Tree R.B.Fisher

Modelling Data Complexity for Model-based Vision L.Du, G.D. Sullivan and K.D. Baker

Practical Aspect-graph Derivation Incorporating Feature Segmentation Performance AW. Fitzgibbon and R.B. Fisher

Recognising Polyhedral Objects from a Single Perspective View K.C. Wong and J. Kittler

Linear Algorithms for Object Pose Estimation T.N. Tan, G.D. Sullivan and K.D. Baker

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