Proceedings of the Alvey Vision Conference 1988

Front matter

Model Based Vision using a Planar Representation of the Viewsphere A.Rydz, G.D.Sullivan and K.D.Baker, University of Reading.

The Consistent Labelling of Image Features using an ATMS R.Bodington, G.D.Sullivan and K.D.Baker, University of Reading.

Model Based Perspective Inversion A.D.Worrall, K.D.Baker and G.D.Sullivan, University of Reading.

Feature Aggregation in Iconic Model Evaluation K.Brisdon, G.D.Sullivan and K.D.Baker, University of Reading.

Alvey MM 1-007 Vehicle Exemplar: The Development of Reasoning Strategies K.D.Baker and G.D.Sullivan, University of Reading.

An Experiment in Model Based Boundary Detection P.Azzopardi, D.Pycock, C.J.Taylor and A.C.Wareham, University of Manchester.

DEMOB: An Object-oriented Application Generator for Image Processing N.Bryson, D.Cooper, J.Graham, D.Pycock, C.J.Taylor and P.W.Woods, University of Manchester.

A Frame-based System for Modelling and Executing Visual Tasks P.W.Woods, D.Pycock and C.J.Taylor, University of Manchester.

Object Cues for Model-based Image Interpretation A.Thornham, C.J.Taylor and D.Cooper, University of Manchester.

Boundary Cue Operators for Model-based Image Processing J.Graham and C.J.Taylor, University of Manchester.

An Object Location Strategy using Shape and Grey-level Models D.Cooper, N.Bryson, and C.J.Taylor, University of Manchester.

An Analysis of Lowe’s Model-based Vision System A.M.McIvor, University of Oxford.

Disordered Databases and Ordered Explanations T.J.Parsons, British Aerospace, Hatfield.

Constrained Constructive Solid Geometry a Unique Representation of Scenes J.A.D.W.Anderson, G.D.Sullivan and K.D.Baker, University of Reading.

COMPACT - A Surface Representation Scheme P.Grossman, GEC Hirst Research Centre.

Polyhedral Object Recognition with Sparse Data in SIMD Processing Mode D.Holder and H.Buxton, Queen Mary College London.

Analysis of 3D Texture A.Blake and C.Marinos, University of Oxford.

Digital Elevation Model Production by Stereo-matching SPOT Image Pairs: A Comparison of Algorithms T.Day and J.P.Muller, University College London.

A “Region-Growing” Algorithm for Matching of Terrain Images G.P.Otto and T.K.W.Chau, University College London.

Improved Local Flow S.Gong, University of Oxford.

Visual Interpretation of Cylindrical Deformation - A Sideways Look at Contour Motion R.M.Cameron-Jones University of Edinburgh.

Edge Detection in Dynamic Vision A.M.McIvor, University of Oxford

A Combined Corner and Edge Detector C.Harris and M.Stephens, Plessey Research.

Surface Reconstruction from Outdoor Image Sequences D.Charnley and R.J.Blissett, Plessey Research.

3D Wire-Frame Integration from Image Sequences M.Stephens & C.Harris

The Information Available to a Moving Observer from Specularities A.Zisserman, P.Giblin and A.Blake, University of Oxford.

Feature Extraction for Vision Guided Vehicles B.T.Thomas, E.L.Dagless, R.A.Lotufo, D.J.Milford, A.D.Morgan and J.F.Morrissey, University of Bristol.

Road Edge Tracking for Robot Road Following A.D.Morgan, E.L.Dagless, D.J.Milford and B.T.Thomas, University of Bristol.

Road Edge Extraction Using a Plan-View Image Transformation R.A.Lotufo, E.L.Dagless, D.J.Milford & B.T.Thomas, University of Bristol

On the Optimal Edge Detector M.Petrou, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

Computing the Visible Invariance in Grey Scale Imagery on the Transputer N.A.Chalabi, University of Strathclyde.

Morphological Feature Detection J.A.Noble, University of Oxford

A Hierarchical Rule-Based Method for Image Segmentation using Maximum-Gradient Profiles A.C.F.Colchester, R.T.Ritchings and N.D.Kodikara, Guy’s Hospital London.

Using a Mixed Wave/Diffusion Process to Elicit the Symmetry Set G.L.Scott and S.C.Turner, University of Oxford.

Forensic Textile Fibre Matching by Multiresolution Planning and Colour Space Pattern Recognition G.J.McEwen and A.J.Wilkinson, The Queen’s University of Belfast.

Grammar-Driven Interpretation of Engineering Drawings, S.H.Joseph and T.P.Pridmore, University of Sheffield

Automatic Analysis of Diffraction Fringe Patterns in Electron Miscroscopy M.Blunck, University of Bremen.

Automatic Extraction of High Texture Features used for Patient Realignment in Medical Imaging of the Head N.Saeed, T.S.Durrani and S.Marshall, University of Strathclyde.

Tracking Cataract by the Four-Line Method K.J.Hanna, University of Oxford.

Detection of Circular Arcs in Images P.Rosin and G.A.W.West, Guy’s Hospital London.

Ellipse Detection using the Hough Transform H.K.Yuen, J.Illingworth and J.Kittler, University of Surrey.

Use of the Radon Transform as a Method of Extracting Symbolic Representations of Shape in Two Dimensions V.Leavers, King’s College London.

An Alternative to Graph Matching for Locating Objects from their Salient Features E.R.Davies, Royal Holloway & Bedford New College.

Segmentation and Concatenation of Edgel Lists by Dynamic Programming and Stochastic Models A.C.Sleigh, Royal Signals and Radar Establishment.

Avoiding Class-conditional Independence Assumptions in Image Classification I.Poole, University College London.