Proceedings of the Alvey Vision Conference 1989

Front matter

Session 1: Model-based Vision

On Recognition of Object Categories P Grossmann, GEC Hirst Research Centre

Hypothesis and Verification in 3D Model Matching F P Sykes, S B Pollard & J E W Mayhew, The University of Sheffield

The Roll Angle Consistency Constraint A D Worrall, K D Baker & G D Sullivan, The University of Reading

Polyhedral Object Recognition with Sparse Data - Validation of Interpretations D Holder & H Buxton, City of London Polytechnic & Queen Mary College London

Model-based Recognition of Human Posture using Single Synthetic Images CI Attwood, G D Sullivan & K D Baker, The University of Reading

Application of a User-Programmable Vision System to Inspection of Complex Assemblies P W Woods & C J Taylor, The University of Manchester

Interpreting Line Drawings Using a Clustering Technique R ID Cowie, T Hamill, P J Morrow & R H Perrott, The Queen’s University of Belfast

Session 2: Shape Representation

Derivation of “Natural Basis Functions” for a Group of Shapes G Scott, The University of Oxford

Iterated Function Systems and Two-Dimensional Shape Representation P A Giles, A Purvis, D Waugh & R Garigliano, The University of Durham

Geometic Constraints from Planar Surface Patch Matching R B Fisher, The University of Edinburgh

Surface Description of Labelled Graphs C J Davies, Queen Mary College London

Model Based Tissue Differentiation in MR Brain Images P H Mowforth & J Zhengping, The Turing Institute

A Finite Element Method for Deformable Models P Karaolani, G D Sullivan, K D Baker & M J Baines, The University of Reading

Session 3: Tracking & AGV

Tracking Objects Using Image Disparities A J Bray, University of Sussex

Real-Time 3D Object Tracking R S Stephens, Computing Devices Co Ltd, Eastbourne

SWITCHER: A Stereo Algorithm for Ground Plane Obstacle Detection Y Zheng, D G Jones, S A Billings, J E W Mayhew & J P Frisby, The University of Sheffield

Predictive Feed Forward Stereo Processing 5 B Pollard, J Porrill & J E W Mayhew, The University of Sheffield

Predictive Gaze Control C Brown, University of Rochester

Stereoscopic Tracking of Bodies in Motion R Cipolla & M Yamamoto, The University of Oxford & Electrotechnical Laboratory Japan

Session 4: Image Features

Segmentation Using Region Merging with Edges M Gay, British Aerospace plc

Edge Detection at Junctions Du Li, G D Sullivan & K D Baker, The University of Reading

Spectre: An Improved Phantom Edge Finder M M Fleck, The University of Oxford

A Novel Approach to Boundary Finding R T Shann & J P Oakley, The University of Manchester

A Geometric Model for the Lumen of Blood Vessels in X-ray Angiography C R Hardingham, D J Hawkes & A C F Colchester, Guy’s Hospital, London

Comparison of Approaches to Feature Detection R W Series, C J Radford, M J Varga, P FretweU & A C Sleigh, RSRE, Malvern

Session 5: Texture & Hough

The Adaptive Self Parameterising Texture Region Boundary Tracker D M Booth & J E W Mayhew, RJPR, RSRE, Malvern

Estimating Asymmetric Noise A Noble & M Brady, The University of Oxford

A Dynamic Combinatorial Hough Transform for Straight Lines and Circles V F Leavers, D Ben-Tzvi & M B Sandier, King’s College, London

A Comparative Study of Hough Transform Methods for Circle Finding H K Yuen, J Princen, J Dlingworth & J Kittler, The University of Surrey

Fitting Ellipses and Predicting Confidence Envelopes using a Bias Corrected Kalman Filter J Porrill, University of Sheffield

Session 6: Shape from…

Stereo-matching of Line-segments Based on a 3-dimensional Heuristic with Potential for Parallel Implementation R L Vergnet, S B Pollard & J E W Mayhew, The University of Sheffield & Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications Paris

Stereo Matching of Curves A T Brint & M Brady, The University of Oxford

Shape from Shading in the Light of Mutual Illumination D Forsyth & A Zisserman, The University of Oxford

Session 7: Shape from Motion

Rigid Velocities Compatible with Five Image Velocity Vectors S J Maybank, Hirst Research Centre

Motion and Depth from Optical Flow P Baraldi, E de Micheli & S Uras, Universita di Modena & Universita di Genova

Motion Segmentation from Optical Flow A Verri, S Uras & E de Micheli, Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati & Universita di Genova

Algebraic Polyhedral Constraints and 3D Structure from Motion D W Murray, The University of Oxford

Fast Recovery of the Optic Flow around a Closed Contour using Stabilised Regression onto Fourier Components G Scott, The University of Oxford

Session 8: Miscellany

Image Labelling with a Neural Network W A Wright, RIPR, RSRE, Malvern

An Associative Processor Array Designed for Computer Vision A W G Duller, R H Storer, A R Thomson, M R Pout & E L Dagless, The University of Bristol

A Method for Retrieving Images from Noisy Incomplete Data D Ustundag, N M Queen & J E Bowcock, The University of Birmingham

Edge Postprocessing - A Comparative Study E R Hancock & J Kittler, The University of Manchester

An Intelligent Segmentation System for Lateral Skull X-Ray Images D N Davies & C J Taylor, The University of Manchester

Parallel and Perpendicular Line Grouping in a 3-D Scene from a Single View B Brillaut, City University

Chromosome Classification in a General Purpose Frame-based Interpretation System D Pycock & C J Taylor, The University of Manchester

Poster Presentations

Optical Measurement by Back Projection J P McTavish & J E W Mayhew, RIPR, RSRE, Malvem

Spline Smoothing: A Special Case of Diffusion Smoothing Li-Dong Cai, The University of Edinburgh

Edge Recognition using Image-Processing Hardware A M Mclvor, The University of Oxford

Shape from Contour Using Symmetries S Y K Yuen, The University of Sussex

Phase from Zero-Crossings K Langley, The University of Oxford

Image Processing Applications using an Associative Processor Array A W G Duller, R Storer, A R Thomson, M R Pout & E L Dagless, The University of Bristol

Investigating Invariant Pattern Recognition Using a Flexible Development Environment J Austin & B N Brooke, The University of York

Economical and Cautious Approaches to Local Path Planning for a Mobile Robot P Grant & P H Mowforth, The Turing Institute

Visual Conviction J A D W Anderson, The University of Reading

Development of a Model for use in Medical Image Interpretation M G Cawley & K Natarajan, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

APPLY: Machine Independent Image Processing Language and its Implementation on a Meiko Computing Surface P M Dew, H Wang & J A Webb, The University of Leeds