The British Machine Vision Association and Society for Pattern Recognition 

Theses submitted in 2016

Automatic analysis of malaria infected red blood cell digitized microscope images
Houari Abdallahi, University College London (January 2016)
PDF, BibTeX+abstract, supplementery material

Decoding visemes: improving machine lip-reading
Helen L. Bear, University of East Anglia (March 2016)
PDF, BibTeX+abstract

2D and 3D Tracking and Modelling
Karel Lebeda, University of Surrey (June 2016)
PDF, BibTeX+abstract

Holistic image understanding with deep learning and dense random fields
Shuai Kyle Zheng, University of Oxford (September 2016)
PDF, BibTeX+abstract

Algorithms for Automatic Analysis of Radiographs of the Knee with Application in Diagnosis and Monitoring of Osteoarthritis
Jessie Catherine Thomson, University of Manchester (November 2016)
PDF, BibTeX+abstract