The British Machine Vision Association and Society for Pattern Recognition 

Proceedings of Medical Image Understanding and Analysis 2014

Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro and Greg Slabaugh

City University, London (Jul 2014)

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Novel Imaging Methods and Applications

Paper 1: Automatic Generation of Synthetic Retinal Fundus Images
Samuele Fiorini, Lucia Ballerini, Emanuele Trucco, Alfredo Ruggeri [ citation information ]

Paper 2: Combined Visible and X-Ray 3D Imaging
Julien Pansiot, Lionel Reveret, Edmond Boyer [ citation information ]

Paper 3: Photometric Stereo Reconstruction for Surface Analysis of Mucosal Tissue
Khemraj Emrith, Greg Slabaugh, Andy Poullis, Chris Groves, Melvyn Smith [ citation information ]

Neurological Image Analysis

Paper 4: Diagnostic Plane Extraction from 3D Parametric Surface of the Fetal Cranium
Ana Ineyda Namburete, Richard Stebbing, J. Alison Noble [ citation information ]

Paper 5: Automatic Hippocampal Multimodal Assessment for Studies of Stroke and Small Vessel Disease
Maria Valdes-Hernandez, Jaeil Kim, Ian Whiteford, Xinyi Qiu, Joanna Wardlaw, Jinah Park [ citation information ]

Paper 6: Fast Template-based Shape Analysis Using Diffeomorphic Iterative Centroid
Claire Cury, Joan Glaunès, Marie Chupin, Olivier Colliot [ citation information ]

Analysis of Cellular Images

Paper 7: Trainable Segmentation of Phase Contrast Microscopy Images Based on Local Basic Image Features Histograms
Nicolas Jaccard, Nicolas Szita, Lewis Griffin [ citation information ]

Paper 8: Detecting and Segmenting Nanodiscs in Immuno-Electron Micrographs
Tianjun Huang, Christian Hacker, John Lucocq, Stephen McKenna [ citation information ]

Paper 9: Finding Golgi Stacks in Electron Micrographs
Neil Fordyce, Stephen McKenna, Christian Hacker, John Lucocq [ citation information ]

Cancer Imaging

Paper 10: Analysing the Surface Morphology of Colorectal Polyps: Differential Geometry and Pit Pattern Prediction
Jingjing Zhang, Stephen McKenna, Jianguo Zhang, Maria Coats, Frank Carey [ citation information ]

Paper 11: Fast Segmentation of Focal Liver Lesions in Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Data
Spyridon Bakas, Katerina Chatzimichail, Bastien Labbé, Gordon Hunter, Paul Sidhu, Dimitrios Makris [ citation information ]

Paper 12: A Novel Breast Image Preprocessing For Full Field Digital Mammographic Segmentation and Risk Classification
Wenda He, Minnie Kibiro, Arne Juette, Peter Hogg, Erika Denton, Reyer Zwiggelaar [ citation information ]

Paper 13: Automatic Reflection Detection on Dermatological Images Acquired via Mobile Devices
Maria João Vasconcelos, Luis Rosado [ citation information ]

Paper 14: Unsupervised Restoration of Hair-Occluded Lesion in Dermoscopic Images
Damilola Okuboyejo, Oludayo Olugbara, Solomon Odunaike [ citation information ]


Paper 115: A Hybrid Method for Haemorrhage Segmentation in Trauma Brain CT
Mohammadreza Soltaninejad, Tryphon Lambrou, Adnan Qureshi, Nigel Allinson, Xujiong Ye [ citation information ]

Paper 16: Ensemble Registration: Combining Groupwise Registration and Segmentation
Sri Purwani, Tim Cootes, Carole Twining [ citation information ]

Paper 17: Automatic Glottis Segmentation from Laryngeal High-Speed Videos Using 3D Active Contours
Fabian Schenk, Martin Urschler, Christoph Aigner, Imme Roesner, Philipp Aichinger, Horst Bischof [ citation information ]

Paper 18: Regularized Geometric Hulls for Nucleus Segmentation from Microscopy Images
Marco Körner, Mahesh Krishna, Herbert Süße, Wolfgang Ortmann, Joachim Denzler [ citation information ]

Feature Analysis and Classification

Paper 19: Recognizing Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Acquisition Planes
Jan Margeta, Antonio Criminisi, Daniel Lee, Nicholas Ayache [ citation information ]

Paper 20: Automatic Identification of Early Miscarriage Based on Multiple Features Extracted From Ultrasound Images
Shan Khazendar, Jessica Farren, Hisham Al-Assam, Hongbo Du, Ahmed Sayasneh, Tom Bourne, Sabah Jassim [ citation information ]

Challenge Abstract

Paper 21: Challenges in Functional Imaging of the Visual Cortex: Data-driven Model-agnostic Estimation of Population Receptive Fields
Francesca Pizzorni-Ferrarese, Jonas Larsson [ citation information ]

Poster Session 1: Segmentation and Shape Analysis

Paper 22: Automatic Ribs Segmentation and Counting From Mouse X-ray Images
Omar Al Okashi, Hongbo Du, Joanne Selway, Chris Lelliott, Simon Maguire, Dave Melvin, Kenny Langlands, Hisham Al-Assam [ citation information ]

Paper 23: Active Contours with Weighted External Forces for Medical Image Segmentation
Alaa Khadidos, Victor Sanchez, Chang-Tsun Li [ citation information ]

Paper 24: Retinal Vessel Segmentation using Gabor Filter and Textons
Lei Zhang, Mark Fisher, Wenjia Wang [ citation information ]

Paper 25: Computer-Aided Segmentation and Estimation of Indices in Brain CT Scans
Adnan Qureshi, Vitaly Schetinin [ citation information ]

Paper 26: On Bloodvessel Branching Analysis for the Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease
Musab Sahrim, Mark Nixon, Roxana Carare [ citation information ]

Paper 27: Comparison of Threshold-Based Segmentation Methods on Pre- and Post-Therapy PET Scans
Michael Phillips, Sally Barrington, Derek Hill, Paul Marsden [ citation information ]

Paper 28: Speeding Up Active Mesh Segmentation by Local Termination of Nodes
Carl Nelson, Martin Dixon, Philippe Laissue, Boguslaw Obara [ citation information ]

Paper 29: Segmentation of Individual Cells in Phase Contrast Microscopy Images
Jindřich Soukup, Michal Lašan, Filip Šroubek [ citation information ]

Paper 30: Utilizing Phase Retardation Features for Segmenting Cells in Phase Contrast Microscopy Images
Thomas Nketia, Jens Rittsher, J. Alison Noble [ citation information ]

Paper 31: Automated Vessel Boundary Detection Using 3D Expansion of Dynamic Programming
Da-Chuan Cheng, Shing-Hong Liu [ citation information ]

Paper 32: Non-Contact Pulmonary Functional Testing Through an Improved Photometric Stereo Approach
Jahanzeb Ahmad, Jiuai Sun, Lyndon Smith, Melvyn Smith [ citation information ]

Paper 33: Non-Intrusive Action Symmetry Measurement for Dementia and Rehabilitation
Matthaios Doulgerakis, Vasileios Argyriou, George Tzimiropoulos, Barbara Pierscionek [ citation information ]

Paper 34: Analysis of Images from Optical Coherence Tomography for the Nanoparticle Transport
Radim Kolar, Petra Podlipna [ citation information ]

Poster Session 2: Machine Learning, Simulation, and Image Analysis Applications

Paper 35: Combining EMD with ICA to Analyze Combined EEG-fMRI Data
Saad Al-Baddai, Karema Al-Subari, Ana Maria Tomé, Gregor Volberg, Elmar Lang [ citation information ]

Paper 36: Automated Histological Quantification of Trabecular Bone Tissue in Critical Illness
Thomas Janssens, Ine Vanhees, Jan Gunst, Helen Owen, Greet Van den Berghe, Fabian Guiza Grandas [ citation information ]

Paper 37: Analysis of Capillary-like Structures Formed by Endothelial Cells in a Novel Organotypic Assay Developed from Heart Tissue
Simon Bowyer, Chryso Kanthou, Constantino Reyes-Aldasoro [ citation information ]

Paper 38: Semi-Automated Cell Counting in Phase Contrast Images of Epithelial Monolayers
Rachel Flight, Gabriel Landini, Iain Styles, Richard Shelton, Michael Milward, Paul Cooper [ citation information ]

Paper 39: A Wavelet-based Approach for Analyzing Non-Stationary Phonation Sequences from Endoscopic High-Speed Videos
Jakob Unger, Maria Schuster, Dietmar Hecker, Bernhard Schick, Joerg Lohscheller [ citation information ]

Paper 40: 3-D MRI Brain Scan Classification of Epilepsy versus Non-Epilepsy
Akadej Udomchaiporn, Frans Coenen, Vanessa Sluming, Marta Garcia-Finana [ citation information ]

Paper 41: Brain Tumour Grading in Different MRI Protocols using SVM on Statistical Features
Mohammadreza Soltaninejad, Xujiong Ye, Guang Yang, Nigel Allinson, Tryphon Lambrou [ citation information ]

Paper 42: New Optical Mapping Design and Automated Algorithms for Cardiac Electrophysiology
Ting Yue Yu, Hamid Deghghani, Keith Brain, Fahima Syeda, Andrew Holmes, Paulus Kirchhof, Larissa Fabritz [ citation information ]

Paper 43: Multiscale AM-FM Models and Instantaneous Amplitude Evaluation for Mammographic Density Classification
Ioannis Constantinou, Marios Pattichis, Chrysa Tziakouri, Constantinos Pattichis, Styliani Petroudi [ citation information ]

Paper 44: A Simulation Toolbox For Biomedical Plenoptic Imaging
Chris Meah, Richard Marshall, Ela Claridge, Kai Bongs, Iain Styles [ citation information ]

Paper 45: Integrated Tools for Next Generation Bioimaging
Joaquin Correa, Manfred Auer, David Skinner [ citation information ]