The British Machine Vision Association and Society for Pattern Recognition 

Proceedings of Medical Image Understanding and Analysis 2013

Ela Claridge, Andrew D Painter, William T E Pitkeathly

Birmingham University, London (Jul 2013)

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Segmentation and Neurological Image Analysis

Paper 1: A tool for efficient creation of probabilistic expert segmentations
Jan Moltz, Christiane Steinberg, Benjamin Geisler, Horst Hahn [ citation information ]

Paper 2: Reduced structural brain connectivity in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Colin Buchanan, Lewis Pettit, Mark Bastin, Amos Storkey, Sharon Abrahams [ citation information ]

Paper 3: Segmentation for MS Lesions Based on 3D Volume Enhancement and 3D Alpha Matting
Ziming Zeng, Reyer Zwiggelaar [ citation information ]

Paper 4: Development and Evaluation of an Augmented-Reality Training System for Planning Brain Tumour Resection Interventions
Kamyar Abhari, Jonathan Baxter, Ali Khan, Elvis Chen, Chris Wedlake, Terry Peters, Sandrine de Ribaupierre, Roy Eagleson [ citation information ]

Motion Modelling and Registration

Paper 5: 4D Sparse Landmark Cardiac Motion Tracking and Regional Function Analysis
Haiyan Wang, Wenzhe Shi, Wenjia Bai, Philip Edwards, Daniel Rueckert [ citation information ]

Paper 6: Model-based alignment of Look-Locker MRI sequences for calibrated myocardical scar tissue quantification
Martijn Van de Giessen, Qian Tao, Rob Van der Geest, Boudewijn P.F. Lelieveldt [ citation information ]

Paper 7: Personalising cross-population respiratory motion models using anatomical features
Devis Peressutti, Graeme Penney, Christoph Kolbitsch, Andrew King [ citation information ]

Analysis of Retinal OCT Images

Paper 8: A 3D Segmentation Framework for Cornea Segmentation in Anterior Segment OCT Images using Level Set Technique with Shape Prior
Dominic Williams, Yalin Zheng, Fanjun Bao, Ahmed Elsheikh [ citation information ]

Paper 9: Age-related Macular Degeneration Identification In Volumetric Optical Coherence Tomography Using Decomposition and Local Feature Extraction
Abdulrahman Albarrak, Frans Coenen, Yalin Zheng [ citation information ]

Feature Analysis and Classification

Paper 10: Comparative Analysis of Feature Extraction Methods for Colorectal Polyp Images in Optical Projection Tomography
Wenqi Li, Maria Coats, Jianguo Zhang, Stephen McKenna [ citation information ]

Paper 11: Features for Optical Biopsy of Colorectal Polyps
Lucas Hadjilucas, Anil Bharath, Ana Ignjatovic, James East, Brian Saunders, David Burling [ citation information ]

Paper 12: Automatic detection of scleroderma patterns in nailfold capillaroscopy images
Niraj Doshi, Bartosz Krawczyk, Gerald Schaefer, Arcangelo Merla [ citation information ]

Computer-Aided Diagnosis

Paper 13: Tortuosity of Pulmonary Vessels Correlates with Pulmonary Hypertension
Michael Helmberger,Martin Urschler, Zolta ́n Ba ́lint, Michael Pienn, Andrea Olschewski, Horst Bischof [ citation information ]

Paper 14: 3D Kinematics Estimation from Fluoroscopy Sequences for Wrist Pathology Diagnosis
Xin Chen, Jim Graham,Charles Hutchinson, Lindsay Muir [ citation information ]

Analysis of Cellular Images

Paper 15: Discrete Mereotopology in Histological Imaging
Gabriel Landini, David Randell, Antony Galton [ citation information ]

Paper 16: A Framework for Generating Realistic Synthetic Sequences of Dynamic Confocal Microscopy Images
William Pitkeathly, Seyed Rezatofighi, Joshua Rappoport, Ela Claridge [ citation information ]

Paper 17: Epithelial Cell Layer Segmentation Using Graph-cut and Its Application in Testicular Tissue
Azadeh Fakhrzadeh, Ellinor Spo ̈rndly-Nees, Lena Holm, Cris Luengo Hendriks [ citation information ]

Challenge Talks

Paper 18: Challenges in dermatological research: Analysing skin structures using in-vivo Confocal laser scanning microscopy
Matthias Seise, Arne Bo ̈ehling, Stephan Bielfeldt, Klaus-Peter Wilhelm [ citation information ]

Paper 19: The transition from RGB to multispectral fundus imaging
Antonio Calcagni [ citation information ]

Poster Session 1: Registration and Segmentation

Paper 20: Applications of Feature-Based Attribute Vectors for Improved Image Registration Towards Cardiac Motion Estimation in Cardiac Computed Tomography
Michael Tee, Sana Fathima, Alison Noble, David Bluemke [ citation information ]

Paper 21: Dual B-spline Snake for Interactive Myocardial Segmentation
Kevin Bianchi, Antoine Vacavant, Robin Strand, Pierre Terve, Laurent Sarry [ citation information ]

Paper 22: Acquisition of a priori Information from Groupwise Registration of Inter-Patient Prostate Boundaries in MR
Jonathan Francis Roscoe, Hannah Dee, Paul Malcolm, Reyer Zwiggelaar [ citation information ]

Paper 23: Software Suite for 3D Dose Analysis: Demonstrating the Importance of Image Registration in RT Dose Verification
Mohammad Al Sa’d, Jim Graham, Gary Liney, Tom Murray [ citation information ]

Paper 24: Sphere-Growth Based Centreline Extraction of Murine Airways from Microfocus X-Ray Computer Assisted Tomography
Nicholas Udell, Ian Sinclair, Hans Haitchi, Mark Nixon, Philipp Thurner [ citation information ]

Paper 25: Oriented Differences of Boxes Operators for Blood Vessel Segmentation and Analysis in Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy Images with minimal User Interaction
Herbert Su ̈ße, Wolfgang Ortmann, Christian Lautenschla ̈ger, Marco Ko ̈rner, Schmidt Carsten, Andreas Stallmach, Joachim Denzler [ citation information ]

Paper 26: Segmentation of Intervertebral Disc Space in 3D CT Images
Oleg Museyko, Johannes Scheitacker, Yongtao Lu, Dominique To ̈epfer, Klaus Engelke [ citation information ]

Paper 27: Automatic Nipple Localisation using Local Curvature Modelling
Raquel Gil, Reyer Zwiggelaar,Harry Strange [ citation information ]

Paper 28: An Efficient Gland Detection Method Based on Texture and Morphological Transformation
Jie Shu, Hao Fu, Guoping Qiu, Mohammad Ilyas [ citation information ]

Poster Session 2: Measurement, Feature Extraction and Computer-Aided Diagnosis

Paper 29: Fetal Head Detection on Images from a Low-Cost Portable USB Ultrasound Device
Mohammad Ali Maraci, Raffaele Napolitano, Aris Papageorghiou, Alison Noble [ citation information ]

Paper 30: Cranial Parametrization of the Fetal Head for 3D Ultrasound Image Analysis
Ana Ineyda Namburete, Richard Stebbing, Alison Noble [ citation information ]

Paper 31: Automated Measurement of Human Skeletal Calf Muscle Contraction via B-Mode Ultrasound Imaging
Ryan Cunningham, Peter Harding, Ian Loram, Nicholas Costen [ citation information ]

Paper 32: To Improve the Measurement of Longitudinal Changes of Cortical Thickness and Cortical Bone Mineral Density in QCT: A Simulation Study
Bastian Gerner, Dominique To ̈epfer, Oleg Museyko, Klaus Engelke [ citation information ]

Paper 33: A Review of Computerised Nailfold Capillaroscopy
Niraj Doshi, Gerald Schaefer, Kevin Howell [ citation information ]

Paper 34: Locating blood vessels in retinal images using unified textons
Lei Zhang, Mark Fisher, Wenjia Wang [ citation information ]

Paper 35: Extracting histological parameters from multi-spectral retinal images: a Bayesian inverse problem approach
Yuan Shen, Antonio Calcagni, Ela Claridge, Frank Eperjesi, Hannah Bartlett, Jonathan Gibson, Andrew Palmer, Iain Styles [ citation information ]

Paper 36: Building Skin Condition Recogniser using Crowd-sourced High Level Knowledge
Orod Razeghi, Hao Fu, Guoping Qiu [ citation information ]