The British Machine Vision Association and Society for Pattern Recognition 

Proceedings of Medical Image Understanding and Analysis 2012

Xianghua Xie

Swansea University, Swansea (Jul 2012)

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Classification and Segmentation

Paper 1: RanPEC: Random projections with ensemble clustering for segmentation of tumor areas in breast histology images
A. M. Khan, H. El-Daly, N. Rajpoot [ citation information ]

Paper 2: Tumour segmentation in breast tissue microarray images using spin-context
S. Akbar, T. Amaral, S. J. McKenna, A. Thompson, L. Jordan [ citation information ]

Paper 3: Nakagami-based choroid plexus detection in fetal ultrasound images using AdaBoost
A. I. L. Namburete, B. Rahmatullah, J. A. Noble [ citation information ]

Paper 4: Classification of microcalcification clusters using topological structure features
Z. Chen, A. Oliver, E. Denton, C. Boggis, R. Zwiggelaar [ citation information ]

Paper 5: A statistical approach to modelling breast tissue appearance in mammograms
Z. Chen, E. Denton, R. Zwiggelaar [ citation information ]

Paper 6: Efficient automatic segmentation of vessels
A. Romero, S. Petkov, C. Gatta, Dr M. SabateĢ, P. Radeva [ citation information ]

Diffusion MRI

Paper 7: The application of full body diffusion weighted imaging in oncology
N. Colgan [ citation information ]

Paper 8: White matter models of in vivo diffusion MRI human brain data: a statistical ranking
U. Ferizi, E. Panagiotaki, T. Schneider, C. Wheeler-Kingshott, D. Alexander [ citation information ]

Paper 9: Laplace-Beltrami regularization for diffusion weighted imaging
B. P. Neuman, C. Tench, L. Bai [ citation information ]

Reconstruction, Registration and Multimodality

Paper 10: A nonlinear least squares method for solving the joint reconstruction and registration problem in digital breast tomosynthesis
G. Yang, J. H. Hipwell, D. J. Hawkes, S. R. Arrige [ citation information ]

Paper 11: Robust super-resolution reconstruction with multi-modal registration and guidance
M. P. Heinrich, M. Jenkinson, M. Brady, J. A. Schnabel [ citation information ]

Paper 12: Multimodality investigation of microstructure: the combination of diffusion NMR and diffuse optical spectroscopy
A. Proverbio, B. Siow, M. Lythgoe, D. C. Alexander, A. P. Gibson [ citation information ]

Paper 13: Ensemble learning incorporating uncertain registration
I. J. A. Simpson, J. A. Schnabel, J. L. R. Andersson, A. R. Groves, M. W. Woolrich [ citation information ]

Image Restoration

Paper 14: Restoration of phase contrast microscopy images for the analysis of lung epithelial scratch wound repair assays
J. Sarsby, E. Claridge, G. Nash, D. Thickett, H. Jeffery, S. Zheng [ citation information ]

Paper 15: Stack alignment transform for misalignment correction in cardiac MR cine series
C. Zakkaroff, A. Radjenovic, J. Greenwood, D. Magee [ citation information ]

Deformable Models and Energy Minimisation

Paper 16: Fractional entropy based active contour segmentation of cell nuclei in actin-tagged confocal microscopy images
L. Meziou, A. Histace, F. Precioso, B. J. Matuszewski, F. Carreiras [ citation information ]

Paper 17: Medical image segmentation using magnetostatic active contours (MAC) with tensor diffusion
H. Zhang, X. Xie [ citation information ]

Paper 18: Unsupervised tumour segmentation in PET based on active surface modelling and alpha matting
Z. Zeng, R. Zwiggelaar [ citation information ]

Paper 19: Level set based tracking for cell cycle analysis using dynamical shape prior
Y. N. Law, H. K. Lee [ citation information ]

Paper 20: Graph-based segmentation of optimal IVUS media-adventitia border using shape prior
E. Essa, X. Xie, I. Sazonov, P. Nithiarasu, D. Smith [ citation information ]

Motion Analysis

Paper 21: 3D motion estimation of carpal bones from single view fluoroscopic sequences
X. Chen, J. Graham, C. Hutchinson, L. Muir [ citation information ]

Paper 22: Tracking neutrophils in zebrafish: the use of synthetic data sets
C. C. Reyes-Aldasoro, K. Henry, S. A. Renshaw [ citation information ]

Poster Session 1

Paper 23: Skin lesion image recognition with computer vision and human in the loop
O. Razeghi, G. Qiu, H. Williams, K. Thomas [ citation information ]

Paper 24: Performance comparison of low-level vessel detection algorithms for segmentation of X-ray angiograms
D. P. Soto, P. Chan, P. Rockett [ citation information ]

Paper 25: Ice-water phantom localisation for diffusion callibration
H. Ragheb, N. A. Thacker, D. M. Morris, N. H. M. Hogg, A. Jackson [ citation information ]

Paper 26: Compensating for drusen in retinal vessel segmentation
L. Zhang, M. Fisher, W. Wang [ citation information ]

Paper 27: Coping with noise in ultrasound images: a review
J. F. Roscoe, H. Dee, R. Zwiggelaar [ citation information ]

Paper 28: Multi-scale local phase features for anatomical object detection in fetal ultrasound images
B. Rahmatullah, A. Papageorghiou, J. A. Noble [ citation information ]

Paper 29: Segmentation and mesh generation for patient-specific flow modelling in carotid arteries
I. Sazonov, X. Xie, S. Y. Yeo, R. Bevan, R. van Loon, P. Nithiarasu [ citation information ]

Paper 30: On computation of diffusion and fibre orientation distribution functions in high angular resolution diffusion imaging
B. P. Neuman, C. Tench, L. Bai [ citation information ]

Poster Session 2

Paper 31: Accuracy of prospective motion correction in MRI using tracking markers on repositionable dental impressions
D. Stucht, P. Schulze, K. A. Danishad, I. Y. Kadashevich, M. Zaitsev, B. S. R. Armstrong, O. Speck [ citation information ]

Paper 32: GPF deformable model based vessel segmentation in CT
S. Y. Yeo, X. Xie, I. Sazonov, P. Nithiarasu [ citation information ]

Paper 33: ICP variants robustness to Gaussian an impulsive noise
S. Henry, P. Morrow, J. Winder, B. Scotney [ citation information ]

Paper 34: Correlating histology and spectroscopy to differentiate pathologies of the colon
D. Carey, G. R. Lloyd, N. Shepherd, N. Stone, C. Kendall, T. Breckon [ citation information ]

Paper 35: Performance evaluation of simultaneous RGB analysis for feature detection and tracking in endoscopic images
F. Selka, S. Nicolau, A. Bessaid, L. Soler, J. Marescaux [ citation information ]

Paper 36: Scan-rescan reproducibility of neurite microstructure estimates using NODDI
M. Tariq, T. Schneider, D. C. Alexander, C. A. M. Wheeler-Kingshott, H. Zhang [ citation information ]

Paper 37: Interactive segmentation of medical images: a survey
F. Zhao, X. Xie [ citation information ]

Paper 38: Advanced blur removal methods with applications to retinal imaging for ophthalmology
B. Williams, K. Chen, Y. Zheng, S. Harding [ citation information ]