The British Machine Vision Association and Society for Pattern Recognition 

Proceedings of Medical Image Understanding and Analysis 2011

William R Crum and Graeme Penney

King’s College, London (Jul 2011)

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MRI and Statistics in Imaging 15

Paper 1: Fast brain-wide search of highly discriminative regions in medical images: an application to Alzheimers disease
Eva Janousova, Maria Vounou, Robin Wolz, Katherine Gray , Daniel Rueckert, Giovanni Montana [ citation information ]

Paper 2: Reliably Estimating the Diffusion Orientation Distribution Function from High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging Data
Bartosz P Neuman, Christopher Tench, Li Bai [ citation information ]

Paper 3: Hierarchy in structural brain networks
Fani Deligianni, Emma Robinson, David J. Sharp, A. David Edwards, Daniel Rueckert, Daniel C Alexander [ citation information ]

Computer Aided Radiology and Shape Analysis

Paper 4: Modelling Breast Tissue in Mammograms for Mammographic Risk Assessment
Zhili Chen, Erika Denton, Reyer Zwiggelaar [ citation information ]

Paper 5: Global Analysis of Haustral Fold Ridges for the Reduction of False Positives in CTC-CAD
Tahir Nawaz, Greg Slabaugh [ citation information ]

Paper 6: Point-Placement Error in Shape Models
Damian JJ Farnell Andrew Pickles [ citation information ]

Paper 7: Diffeomorphic Atlas Estimation using Krcher Mean and Geodesic Shooting on Volumetric Images
Franois-Xavier Vialard, Laurent Risser, Darryl Holm, Daniel Rueckert [ citation information ]

Poster Session 1

Paper 8: Measurement-Based Shape Analysis
Hossein Ragheb, Neil Thacker [ citation information ]

Paper 9: Short-term variability of proximal femur shape in anteroposterior pelvic radiographs
Claudia Lindner, S. Thiagarajah, J.M. Wilkinson, arcOGEN Consortium, G.A. Wallis, T.F. Cootes [ citation information ]

Paper 10: An Asymmetry Descriptor for Melanoma Diagnosis
Zhao Liu, Jiuai Sun, Melvyn Smith, Robert Warr, Lyndon Smith [ citation information ]

Paper 11: Detection of skin main layers in OCT skin images
Mohammad-Reza Nasiri-Avanaki, Adrian Podoleanu, Ali Hojjatoleslami [ citation information ]

Paper 12: Residual Bootstrapping on Classified Tensor Morphologies using Constrained Two-Tensor Model
Nagulan Ratnarajah, Andy Simmons, Miguel Bertoni, Ali Hojjatoleslami [ citation information ]

Paper 13: A Bayesian framework for modelling the regional variation of white matter microstructure
Gemma L Morgan, Hui Zhang, Brandon Whitcher, Daniel C Alexander [ citation information ]

Paper 14: Registration of Low-SNR, High-Resolution Diffusion-Weighted Images
S.F. Johnsen, C.A. Clark, D. Atkinson [ citation information ]

Paper 15: Automatic segmentation of basal ganglia iron deposits from structural MRI
Andreas Glatz, Maria C. Valds Hernndez, Alexander J. Kiker, Mark E. Bastin, Susana Muoz Maniega, Natalie A. Royle, Ian J. Deary, Joanna M. Wardlaw [ citation information ]

Paper 16: Brain Extraction Methods for Neonates
Ziyue Wu, Maria Murgasova, Andreas Buchmann, Michael von Rhein, Julia A. Schnabel [ citation information ]

Paper 17: Flythrough data exploration using multi-level classification driven focus and context
Asif Jamil, Andrew Bulpitt [ citation information ]

Paper 18: 3D Medical Image Enhancement based on Wavelet Transforms
Amir Yavariabdi, Chafik Samir, Adrien Bartoli [ citation information ]

Paper 19: An on-line chromatic and scale-space microvasculature-tracing analysis for transmitted light optical images
Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro, Meit A. Bjrndahl, Simon Akerman, Jamila Ibrahim, Gillian M. Tozer [ citation information ]

Paper 20: Context Aware Colour Classification in Digital Microscopy
Derek Magee, Darren Treanor, Phattthanaphong Chomphuwiset, Philip Quirke [ citation information ]

Paper 21: Fast Non-Rigid Medical Image Registration using a Parameterized Surface and Anatomical Landmarks
S.K. Shah , R.J. Lapeer [ citation information ]

Paper 22: Non-Twist Regularization for Deformation Estimation
Bibo Shi, Jundong Liu [ citation information ]

Paper 23: Probabilistic Segmentation Propagation from Uncertainty in Registration
Ivor J.A. Simpson, Mark W. Woolrich, Julia A. Schnabel [ citation information ]

Paper 24: Registration of multi-view 3D echocardiography images
Harrit W. Mulder, Marijn van Stralen, Heleen B. van der Zwaan, K.Y. Esther Leung, Johan G. Bosch, Josien P.W. Pluim [ citation information ]

Motion Modelling and Image Guided Surgery

Paper 25: Capturing breathing motion variability using two signal motion models of the heart
Nicholas McGlashan, Andrew P. King [ citation information ]

Paper 26: Deformable Shape-From-Motion in Laparoscopy using a Rigid Sliding Window.
Toby Collins, Benoit Compte, Adrien Bartoli [ citation information ]

Paper 27: Registration of a 3D Preoperative Model with 2D Endoscopic Images Using Parallel Tracking and Mapping (PTAM) with Colour-consistency
Ping-Lin Chang, Dongbin Chen, Philip “Eddie” Edwards [ citation information ]

Image Registration I

Paper 28: Non-rigid image registration through efficient discrete optimization
Mattias P. Heinrich, Mark Jenkinson, Sir J. Michael Brady, Julia A. Schnabel [ citation information ]

Paper 29: Direct inverse deformation field approach to pelvic-area symmetric image registration
Bartlomiej W. Papiez, Bogdan J. Matuszewski [ citation information ]

Image Registration II

Paper 30: A Four-dimensional Atlas of Neonatal Brain MRI
Ahmed Serag, Paul Aljabar, Serena Counsell, James Boardman, Jo V. Hajnal, Daniel Rueckert [ citation information ]

Paper 31: Atlas-guided Histology Reconstruction of Mouse Brain
Xi Qiu, Tony Pridmore, Alain Pitiot [ citation information ]

Paper 32: Point based registration of high-resolution histological slices
Peter Lekovsk, Olaf Hellwich [ citation information ]

Poster Session 2

Paper 33: Quantitative Localisation of Manually Defined Landmarks
Hossein Ragheb, Neil Thacker [ citation information ]

Paper 34: Template-Based Conformal Shape-from-Motion from Registered Laparoscopic Images
Abed Malti, Adrien Bartoli, Toby Collins [ citation information ]

Paper 35: Localisation and characterisation of focal liver lesions using contrast-enhanced ultrasonographic visual cues
Spyridon Bakas, Katerina Chatzimichail, Awen Autret, Andreas Hoppe, Vasileios Galariotis, Dimitrios Makris [ citation information ]

Paper 36: Context-Based Classification of Cell Nuclei and Tissue Regions in Liver Histopathology
Phattthanaphong Chomphuwiset, Derek Magee, Roger Boyle, Darren Treanor [ citation information ]

Paper 37: Comparison of Least Squares and Maximum Likelihood for Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Estimation in Prostate DW-MRI
Valentin Hamy, Simon Walker-Samuel, Shonit Punwani, David Atkinson [ citation information ]

Paper 38: Probabilistic Clustering of White Matter Fibre Bundles using Regression Mixtures
Nagulan Ratnarajah, Andy Simmons, Ali Hojjatoleslami [ citation information ]

Paper 39: Computer Aided Monitoring of Breast Abnormalities in X-ray Mammograms
Arul N. Selvan, Reza Saatchi, Christine M. Ferris [ citation information ]

Paper 40: Evaluation of Texton Spatial Dependence Matrices for Breast Density Classification
Styliani Petroudi, J. Michael Brady [ citation information ]

Paper 41: Texture Analysis of Virtual Slides for Grading Dysplasia in Barretts Oesophagus
Afzan Adam, Andrew J. Bulpitt, Darren Treanor [ citation information ]

Paper 42: Measurement of Aortic Pressure Wave Velocity by 4D Image Registration
David Barber, Yubing Shi, Cristina Staicu, Philipp Beerbaum, Izra Valverde, Joanna Baginska, Marcel Rutten, Nicholas Gaddum, Rodney Hose [ citation information ]

Paper 43: Fully-Automatic Determination of the Arterial Input Function for Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Pulmonary MR Imaging
Peter Kohlmann, Hendrik Laue, Stefan Krass, Heinz-Otto Peitgen [ citation information ]

Paper 44: Evaluation of a Framework for On-line Interactive Segmentation of Similar 3-D Images based on a Single Example
Emmanouil Moschidis, Jim Graham [ citation information ]

Paper 45: Spatio-Temporal Registration and Microvasculature Segmentation of Retinal Angiogram Sequences
Shuoying Cao, Anil A. Bharath, Kim Parker, Jeffrey Ng, John Arnold, Alison H. McGregor, Adam Hill [ citation information ]

Paper 46: Automated Segmentation of Coronary Vessel Wall in OCT Imaging
Kai-Pin Tung, Wen-Zhe Shi, Ranil De Silva, Philip “Eddie” Edwards, Daniel Rueckert [ citation information ]

Paper 47: Regional Analysis of FDG-PET for the Classification of Alzheimers Disease.
Katherine R. Gray, Robin Wolz, Shiva Keihaninejad, Rolf A. Heckemann, Paul Aljabar, Alexander Hammers, Daniel Rueckert [ citation information ]

Paper 48: T2 anisotropy in articular cartilage – a model based approach
Peter Del-Manso, Bernard Siow, Tryphon Lambrou, Amaka Offiah, Martin Fry, Andrew Todd-Pokropek [ citation information ]

Paper 49: Drusen Detection based on Scale-space with Feature Stability
Cattleya Duanggate, Bunyarit Uyyanonvara, Stanislav S. Makhanov, Sarah Barman, Tom Williamson [ citation information ]

Paper 50: Automatic Segmentation of IVUS Media-Adventitia Border with Shape Prior
Ehab Essa, Xianghua Xie, Igor Sazonov, Perumal Nithiarasu, Dave Smith [ citation information ]

Paper 51: Local Phase-Based Fuzzy Connectedness Segmentation of Ultrasound Images
Sylvia Rueda, Caroline Knight, Aris Papageorghiou, J. Alison Noble [ citation information ]

Paper 52: Optimising Multi-feature Metric for Histology Image Retrieval
Qianni Zhang, Ebroul Izquierdo [ citation information ]

Segmentation and Classification II

Paper 53: Automatic Corneal Nerve Fibre Detection for Diabetic Neuropathy Quantification
Mohammad Dabbah, James Graham, Ioannis Petropoulos, Mitra Tavakoli, Rayaz Malik [ citation information ]

Paper 54: Adapted MRF Segmentation of Multiple Sclerosis Lesions Using Local Contextual Information
Nagesh Subbanna, Simon Francis, Doina Precup, Louis Collins, Doug Arnold, Tal Arbel [ citation information ]

Paper 55: Manifold-based classification incorporating subject metadata
Robin Wolz, Paul Aljabar, Joseph V. Hajnal, Jyrki Ltjnen, Daniel Rueckert [ citation information ]