The British Machine Vision Association and Society for Pattern Recognition 

Proceedings of MIUA 2009, Kingston

Editors: J. Dehmeshki, A. Hoppe and D. Greenhill

Podium Session 1: Medical imaging

Super Resolution in MRI: How far can we go?
H. J. Coward, G. J. Barker

Enhanced Motion Correction in Long TR phMRI through Dual Modified Temporal Cluster Analysis
J. McGonigle, M. Mirmehdi, R. Holmes, R. Tyacke, A. Malizia

Reconstruction of Clinical dPET Data using Empirical Mode Decomposition Temporal Regularisation
A. McLennan, M. Brady, M. Kelly

Temporal compounding and its effect on clinical measurements of cardiac ultrasound data
A. Perperidis, D. Cusack, N. McDicken, T. MacGillivray, T. Anderson

Podium Session 2: Vascular image analysis I

Coronary Artery Tracking from Dynamic Cardiac CT Sequences
D. P. Zhang, O. Pedro, K. Mori, P. Edwards, D. Rueckert

Segmentation and Deformation Analysis of the Aortain Gated CTA sequences in a MDL Framework
E. Schwartz, G. Langs, J. Holfeld, R. Gottardi, C. Loewe, P. Peloschek, M. Czerny

Automatic detection, segmentation and quantification of of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm using Computed Tomography Angiography
J. Dehmeshki, H. Amin, M. Ebadian-Dehkordi, S. Qanadli

Detection of Capillary Vessels in Optical Coherence Tomography Based on a Probabilistic Kernel
E. Dittrich, R. Neji, T. Schmoll, S. Schriefl, C. Ahlers, R. A. Leitgeb, G. Langs

Podium Session 3: Clinical challenges

Intraobserver and interobserver variability of ascending aorta diameter measurements as assessed with ECG-gated MDCT: automatic versus manual measurements
T. C. Lu, E. Rizzo, P. M. Marques-Vidal, J. Dehmeshki, L. K. Von Segesser, S. D. Qanadli

Early prediction of responses/benefits from anticancer treatment using DCE-MRI and pharmaco-kinetic modelling
M. Bruynooghe, C. Farges, C. de Bazelaire

Imaging of tumour blood flow and necrosis using stable Xenon CT: can angiogenesis and necrosis be quantified in vivo?
M. Crocker, M. C. Papadopoulos, B. A. Bell

Intra-Cranial Tumour Boundary Delineation using a Novel MR-DTI Segmentation Technique
T. L. Jones, B. A. Bell, T. R. Barrick

Podium Session 4: Vascular image analysis II

Automatic Generation of a Geometric Model for Representing the Left Ventricle of the Human Heart
S. Schafer, C. M. Hentschke, K. Tonnies

Comparing Appearance and Edge Information for Myocardial Segmentation of the Left Ventricle in 3D Echocardiography using Graph Cuts
M. Verhoek, K. Rajpoot, A. Blake, J. A. Noble

Initial Results of an Automatic Blood-Vessel Segmentation Procedure in Digital Fundus Photographs via Multiscale Line Operators and Global Threshold Selection
D. J. J. Farnell

Podium Session 5: Modelling

Evaluating different structures for predicting skeletal maturity using statistical appearance models
S. A. Adeshina, T. F. Cootes, J. E. Adams

Construction of a dynamic 4D probabilistic atlas for the developing brain
M. Murgasova, P. Aljabar, L. Srinivasan, J. Hajnal, D. Rueckert

Robust Estimation of Pharmacokinetic Modelling Parameters for the Analysis of Colorectal Tumours
L. N. Tanner, N. P. Hughes, N. Joshi, M. Brady, M. Anderson, F. V. Gleeson

Scoring of Breast Tissue Microarrays using Ordinal Regression: Local Patches vs. Nuclei Segmentation
T. Amaral, M. Sciarabba, S. McKenna, K. Robertson, A. Thompson

Podium Session 6: Segmentation and classification

Detecting Early Response to Therapy in Liver Cancer Treatment: 3D Metastases Segmentation using Graph-cuts with a Modified Prior
T. Szilgyi, M. Verhoek, J. A. Noble

A Quality Cof Cfit Function for Evaluating Deformable Model Cbased Segmentations of Anatomical Structures in Medical Data
K. Engel, K. Toennies

Mid-level Shape Priors for Supervised Contouring
T. Shepherd, D. C. Alexander

Automatic classificatio of in-vivo distal lung images for computer-aided diagnosis
C. Petitjean, C. Desir, M. Salaun, L. Thiberville, L. Heutte

Sphere-Growth Based Centreline Extraction of Murine Airways from Microfocus X-Ray Computer Assisted Tomography
N. Udell, I. Sinclair, H. M. Haitchi, M. S. Nixon, P. J. Thurner

Poster session 1

Segmentation of the Left Ventricle in SPECT by an Active Surface
C. M. Hentschke, K. Engel, S. Sch?fer, K. D. T?nnies

Validation Study on Automatic Methods for the Registration of Carotid Multi-Contrast MR Images
L. Biasiolli, A. Noble, M. D. Robson

Combining Active Surfaces and Fuzzy Labels for Cortical Functional Activation Mapping
K. Engel, K. Toennies, A. Brechmann

Simultaneous reconstruction and registration algorithm for limited view transmission tomography using a single bivariate Gaussian approximation to the joint histogram
D. Van de Sompel, A. McLennan, M. Brady

Spatio-temporal image registration for respiratory motion correction in PET
W. Bai, M. Brady

An Error Analysis of Probabilistic Fibre Tracking Methods: Average Curves Optimization
N. Ratnarajah, A. Simmons, O. Davydov, A. Hojjat

A Robust Method for the Estimation of 4D Pharmacokinetic Parameters in dceMRI Data in Colorectal Cancer Patients
D. Morofke, E. M. Anderson, F. V. Gleeson, M. Brady

Non-rigid Elastic Registration of Retinal Images using Local Window Mutual Information
P. A. Legg, P. L. Rosin, D. Marshall, J. E. Morgan

Extraction of tumor vascularisation in fluoescent confocal microscopy
W. Po, C. Kelly, M. Brady

A Histogram Approach for the Screening of Age-Related Macular Degeneration
M. H. A. Hijazi, F. Coenen, Y. Zheng

Enhanced 3D Visualisation of Skin Disorders for Tele-dermatology
A. R. Farooq, J. Sun, M. L. Smith, L. N. Smith, R. Warr, S. Cotton

Local spatial frequency image properties and radiological decisions
M. W. Pietrzyk, D. J. Manning, T. Donovan, A. Dix

Comparative Analysis of Automatic Exudate Detections with Traditional and Machine Learning Methods
A. Sopharak, B. Uyyanonvara, S. Barman, T. H. Williamson

Segmentation of Human Upper Airway Using a Level Set Based Deformable Model
S. Y. Yeo, X. Xie, I. Sazonov, P. Nithiarasu

Speckle reduction with attenuation compensation for Skin OCT images enhancement
M. R. N. Avanaki, A. Hojjat

A Registration Framework for Preoperative CT to Intraoperative White Light Images
M. Gooroochurn, M. Ovinis, D. Kerr, K. Bouazza-Marout, M. Vloeberghs

Poster session 2

Segmentation of Human Zygotes in Hoffman Modulation Contrast Images
A. Giusti, G. Corani, L. M. Gambardella, M. C. Magli, L. Gianaroli

Detection of Linear Structures in 3D Breast Tomosynthesis Images
E. M. Hadley, P. R. Bakic, A. D. A. Maidment, R. Zwiggelaar

Detection and Quantitative Measurement of Neuronal Outgrowth in Fluorescence Microscopy Images
W. Yu, H. K. Lee, S. Hariharan, W. Bu, S. Ahmed

Local phase significance estimated with uncertainties to detect fibotic regions from in vivo pancreatic cancer images
T. Szilagyi, M. Brady, T. Brunner, N. Joshi

Simulation of User Interaction for Performance Evaluation of Interactive Image Segmentation Methods
E. Moschidis, J. Graham

Feasibility Evaluation of Thoracic CT Automatic Segmentation for Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Treatment
M. Chen, E. Helm, N. Joshi, M. Brady, F. Gleeson

Classifcation Performance related to Intrinsic Dimensionality in Mammographic Image Analysis
H. Strange, R. Zwiggelaar

Correcting Distorted Histology Slices for 3D Reconstruction
X. Qiu, T. Pridmore, A. Pitiot

An Evaluation of Photo-consistency for Intra-operative Registration in an Image Enhanced Surgical Navigation (IESN) System
G. Gonzalez, R. Lapeer

Automated lipid droplets recognition in human steatotic liver: some preliminary results
M. Sciarabba, M. Vertemati, C. Moscheni, M. Cossa, L. Vizzotto

Accelerated Generation of Digitally Reconstructed Radiographs using Parallel Processing
O. Dorgham, M. Fisher, S. Laycock

Non-invasive Cardiac Electro-physiology Imaging: Boundary Element Formulation for the Forward and Inverse Model
Y. Ruan, S. Arridge, M. Sermesant, P. Chinchapatnam, K. Rhode, R. Razavi

Automatic assessment of iron deposits in MR brain images
M. C. Vald s Hern ndez, P. A. Armitage, J. M. Wardlaw

Nerve Fibre Extraction in Confocal Corneal Microscopy Images for Human Diabetic Neuropathy Detection using Gabor Filters
M. A. Dabbah, J. Graham, M. Tavakoli, I. Petropoulos, R. A. Malik

Geometric Quantification of Tendon Second Harmonic Images
A. K. Harvey, M. S. Thompson, Z. Cui, M. Brady