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One-day BMVA Technical Meetings

Our one-day meetings are managed through Weebly; look there to see what is planned.

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You do not need to be a member of the BMVA to attend one of our technical meetings. If you attend as a non-member you are automatically signed up to the BMVA for that year.

We are currently seeking volunteers to host meetings for 2020 onwards. This is not a hard task and involves:

and that is it! All other arrangements (finances, food, registration, room-booking etc.) will be taken care of by Andrew Gilbert. Please contact Andrew if you are interested in hosting one of the future meetings.

Most of our technical meetings at the BCS (British Computer Society) in London. Here are directions for getting to the BCS.

Past Meetings

Date Topic Chair Review Videos
18th Jul 2018 Robotics meets Semantics: Enabling Human-Level Understanding in Robots Oscar Mendez-Maldonado & Mihai Bujanca
13th Jun 2018 Computer Vision for smart environments and assisted living Francesca Odone Review Videos
9th May 2018 BMVA Symposium on Reinforcement Learning in Computer Vision Dmitry Kangin & Nicolas Pugeault Review
7th Feb 2018 Cognitively inspired explainable perception-based AI Serge Thill & Maria Riveiro Review Videos
8th Nov 2017 Human Activity Recognition and Monitoring Ardhendu Behera, Nicola Bellotto & Charith Abhayaratne Review
11th Oct 2017 Computer Vision and Modelling in Cancer Greg Slabaugh & Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro Review
21st Jun 2017 Dynamic Scene Reconstruction Marco Volino, Armin Mustafa & Jean-Yves Guillemaut Review
26th Apr 2017 Security and Surveillance Thomas Rogers, James Ferryman & Tim Ellis
1st Mar 2017 Analysis and Processing of RGBD Data Paul Rosin & Yukun Lai Review
25th Jan 2017 Transfer Learning in Computer Vision Dima Damen Videos
16th Nov 2016 Plants in Computer Vision Hannah Dee Review
19th Oct 2016 Vision 4 Interaction: from humans to robots Nicoletta Noceti & Alessandra Sciutti Review
8th July 2016 Deep Learning for Computer Vision Kai Arulkumaran & Anil Bharath Review Videos
13th April 2016 Computer Vision for Automotive Applications – the road ahead Toby Breckon & Anna Gaszczak Videos
23rd March 2016 Computer Vision in Remote Sensing Hong Wei & James Ferryman Review Videos
24th Feb 2016 SketchX: Human Sketch Analysis and its Applications Yi-Zhe Song Review
9th Dec 2015 Visual, tactile and force sensing for robot manipulation Lorenzo Jamone & Serena Ivaldi
14th Oct 2015 The Computational Face – Automatic Face Analysis and Synthesis Brais Martinez, Yorgos Tzimiropoulos and Michel Valstar Review
17 July 2015 Context Aware Cognitive Systems Nicolas Pugeault,Sinan Kalkan, Frank Guerin & Angelo Cangelosi Review
17 June 2015 Real-time 3D Scene Understanding in year 2020 Zeeshan Zia & Andrew Davison Review
6 May 2015 Vision for human-computer interaction and virtual reality systems Manuela Chessa & Fabio Solari Review
25 Mar 2015 Student Symposium Huma Shah Review
3 Dec 2014 Robotic vision Marco Paladini & John Illingworth Review
15 Oct 2014 Surgical vision and biophotonics in surgery Dan Stoyanov & Dan Elson Review
Fri 11 July 2014 Vision for language and manipulation (For Videos and Slides, click here) Nick Hockings & Walterio Mayol-Cuevas Review
5 Feb 2014 BMVA Student Symposium Simon Hadfield Review
9 Oct 2013 Quantitative Image Analysis for Astronomical Applications Neil Thacker & Paul Tar
10 July 2013 Reconstructing a Dynamic World Chris Russell & Lourdes Agapito Review
15 May 2013 Vision in an increasingly Mobile world Toby Breckon Review
22 May 2012 2nd Joint AVA / BMVA Meeting on Biological and Machine Vision (Cambridge)
18 May 2011 Using GPUs for Vision
22 September 2010 Temporal Pattern Learning and Recognition
12 May 2010 Aerial Image Analysis and Classification
21 April 2010 Microscopy Image Analysis for Biomedical Applications
24 March 2010 Vision in Robotics
23 October 2009 Human Articulated Motion
11 September 2009 UK Student Vision Workshop
10 June 2009 Facial Analysis and Animation (Edinburgh)
20 May 2009 Vision for Automotive Applications
6 March 2009 Vision Systems for Perception and Action
21 January 2009 Group Theory, Invariance and Symmetry in Vision
5 December 2008 Segmentation of Anatomical Soft Tissue Regions in Medical Data
29 October 2008 Machine Learning
June 6 2008 Intelligent Environments
May 28 2008 Imaging in the eye
May 14 2008 Vision and Robotics
Feb 06 2008 Three Dimensional Video
Dec 12 2007 Security and surveillance: performance evaluation
Nov 05 2007 Shape Representation, Analysis and Perception
Mar 28 Topics in Vision : student papers meeting
Feb 14 Vision-Based Biometrics
Nov 22 Psychophysics and vision
5th July 2006 Detection vs. Tracking
14th June 2006 Joint meeting with colour group
14th June 2006 Imaging for Crime Detection and Prevention
31st May 2006 Ambient Intelligence
5 April 2006 Robotics and Vision
1st March 2006 Visual Recognition
6 July 2005 Astronomical and Medical Imaging
30 March 2005 The design and construction of vision systems
20 April 2005 Neural Computation: advances in the state of the art in methods and tools
26 January 2005 Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning in Machine Vision
27 October 2004 Image Features and Statistics
17 November 2004 Optimization in Computer Vision: Algorithms, Principles and Practice
28 July 2004 Vision Video and Graphics
2 June 2004 Workshop on Biometrics
24 March 2004 Spatiotemporal Image Processing
17 December 2003 Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning in Machine Vision
19 November 2003 Imaging Faraday Partnership meeting with the BMVA on Security Imaging Technologies
28 November 2003 Colour Imaging Science and Applications, (Abstract booklet)
10-11 July 2003 Medical Image Understanding and Analysis 2003
11 June 2003 Document and Text Recognition in Images and Video Sequences
30 April 2003 Image Analysis in Cellular Bioscience.
29 January 2003 Reverse Engineering the Human Vision System
Biologically Inspired Computer Vision Approaches.
2-5 Sept 2002 BMVC 2002 - Cardiff University
22-23 July 2002 Medical Image Understanding and Analysis 01
8 May 2002 Machine Vision and Photogrammetry – A case for multiple viewpoints?
6 March 2002 Advanced Biometric Technology
23 Jan 2002 Mathematical Methods In Computer Vision
10-13 Sept 2001 BMVC2001 - Machester Uni
16-17 July 2001 Medical Image Understanding and Analysis 01
9 May 2001 Probabilistic Models in Vision and Signal Processing
Special Issue Journal
18 April 2001 Medical Imaging and Astronomy
24 Jan 2001 Understanding Human Gestures and Behaviour
1 Nov 2000 3D Surface and Volume Texture
11-14 Sept 2000 Eleventh British Machine Vision Conference
27-29 Sept 2000 Image Processing and Understanding Course, DERA/BMVA
3 May 2000 Augmented Reality
5 April 2000 Multiscale Methods (RSS/BMVA)
8 March 2000 Surveillance
12 Jan 2000 Colour In Computer Vision
1 Dec 1999 Industrial Inspection
13-16 Sep 1999 Tenth British Machine Vision Conference
19-20 July 1999 Medical Image Understanding and Analysis 99
26 May 1999 Machine Vision in Photogrammetry
10 May 1999 Motion analysis and estimation(IEE/BMVA)
10 March 1999 Vision in the Media
29 January 1999 Multimedia databases and MPEG-7 (BMVA/IEE)
11 Dec 1998 Vision and robotics research at the Ocean Systems Laboratory
2 Dec 1998 Multimedia Data Compression
14 Oct 1998 Personal Identity Verification
14-17 Sept 1998 Ninth British Machine Vision Conference
15 July 1998 Visual Guidance of Robots
9 July 1998 Computer Vision for Virtual Human Modelling
6-7 July 1998 Medical Image Understanding & Analysis’98
27 May 1998 Neural Networks and Computer Vision
8 April 1998 People and animal watching
18 March 1998 Analysis of Pigmented Skin Lesions
18 Feb 1998 Vision in the Built Environment
21 Jan 1998 Remote sensing
3 Dec 1997 Image and Video Databases
8-11 Sept 1997 The 1997 British Machine Vision Conference
23-24 July 1997 New geometrical techniques in computer vision
8 May 1997 Optimization in Computer Vision
16 Oct 1996 Low-Level Feature Extraction