British Machine Vision Association and Society for Pattern Recognition


Mathematical Methods in Computer Vision

One Day BMVA symposium at the Royal Statistical Society, 12 Errol Street, London, UK on January 23rd 2002.

Chairperson: Prof Maria Petrou

10:00    Registration and coffee

10:25    Introduction and welcome

10:30   The Mathematics of Multi-view Geometry, John H Gilby, Sira Ltd.

11:00    On the Numerical Analysis of Linear Methods to Estimate the Essential Matrix, Ebroul Izquierdo Queen Mary, University of London

11:30    How I Learned to Love nonlinear Optimization, Andrew Fitzgibbon, University of Oxford

12:00    Hierarchical Adaptive Curve Based Matching for Novel View Synthesis, Li-Qun Xu, BTexact Technologies - Research

12:30    Avoiding Windows and Building Trees: graph methods and morphology in vision, Richard Harvey and Andrew Bangham, University of East Anglia

13:00    Lunch

14:00   Hough Transforms: an adaptable family of noise-resistant algorithms, Chris Trayner, Leeds University Download code

14:30    Support Vector Machines and Human Gait Classification, Vijay Laxmi, University of Southampton

15:00    Tea

16:00    Multiresolution Markov Random Field Models for Image Segmentation, Roland Wilson, University of Warwick

16:30    Simulated Annealing and Multiresolution Optimization, Maria Petrou, University of Surrey

17:00   Closing remarks and finish