British Machine Vision Association and Society for Pattern Recognition


3rd DERA Image Processing and Understanding Course


27th – 29th September 2000

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27th September 2000

10:30 Coffee and registration - Nelson Complex, DERA Malvern

11:00 Welcome - Dr Chris West (DERA)

11:10    Introduction: Image Modelling

Dr Margaret Varga (DERA)

  • Image basic functions
  • Discrete transform

11:40 Image Enhancement

Dr Margaret Varga (DERA)

  • Point/corner operations
  • Histogram modelling
  • Spatial operations
  • Transform operations
  • Multispectral image enhancement
  • Pseudo-colour

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Digital Image Processing and Applications

Professor Mike Brady (University of Oxford)

  • What is a "feature"? – conventional feature detection, the phase congruency approach: various applications
  • Image matching, communication, and learning
  • The role of AI: adaptive image analysis systems

14:50 Feature Detection/Extraction/Representation

Dr Paul Ducksbury (DERA)

  • Spatial feature extraction
  • Edge detection
  • Boundary extraction/representation
  • Region representation

15:35 Tea and discussion

16:00 Image Registration and Change Detection

Mr Phil Kent (DERA)

  • Area correlation
  • Feature matching
  • Phase techniques
  • Re-sampling and Warping
  • Change detection

17:00 Breast Image Analysis: a principled approach to image processing

Professor Mike Brady (University of Oxford)

  • X-ray image formation: enhancing mammograms
  • MRI and contrast-enhanced MRI: breast MRI

18:00 End of Day One

19:00 Evening event (including dinner)


28th September 2000

09:00 Image Database Retrieval

Dr Farzin Mokhtarian (University of Surrey)

  • Introduction to image database systems
  • Commercial database systems
  • Conventional database theory
  • Case study of DIMAP system
  • Content based retrieval including shape, texture, colour and edges
  • Case study of QBIC and SQUID systems
  • Video database systems in brief

10:00 Introduction to Wavelet Analysis

Mr Graham Watson (DERA)

  • Harr transform
  • Orthogonal wavelets
  • Bi-orthogonal wavelets
  • Variable shape wavelets and wavelet packets
  • Feature detection and extraction

11:00 Tea and discussion

11:30 Texture Analysis

Dr Doug Carmichael (DERA)

  • Parametric texture models
  • Feature based discrimination
  • Physical scattering models
  • Non-parametric techniques
  • Fast classifier algorithms

12:30 Shape Analysis

Dr Farzin Mokhtarian (University of Surrey)

  • Concept of shape similarity
  • Global shape measures, Compactness, Eccentricity, Rectangularity
  • Shape descriptors, Moments, Fourier Descriptors
  • Curvature Scale Space Representation
  • CSS computation, properties and examples
  • CSS matching
  • Retrieval under affine transforms
  • Application to robust, multi-view object recognition

13:30 Lunch

14:30 Image Projection

Dr Roberto Cipolla (University of Cambridge)

  • Orthographic, weak perspective projection, pin-hole camera model and perspective
  • Lengths, area, parallelism (vanishing points) and symmetry under affine and perspective projection, co-ordinate transformations, homogenous co-ordinates
  • Projection, calibration and pose estimation
  • Projective invariants: cross ratio, 2D and 3D invariants

15:30 Image Sequence Analysis

Dr Mark Hodgetts (SIRA)

  • Introduction to Optical flow
    - Horn and Schunk’s Algorithm
    - Recent Advances

16:30 Tea and discussion

17:00 Stereo Vision & 3D Reconstruction

Dr Roberto Cipolla (University of Cambridge)

  • Stereo vision
  • Epipolar geometry
  • Essential and Fundamental matrices
  • Projective, affine and euclidean reconstruction

18:00 End of Day Two

19:00 for 19:30 - Course dinner


29th September 2000

09:00 Image Compression

Dr Margaret Varga (DERA)

  • Lossless and lossy compression techniques
  • Still image compression
  • Video image compression
  • Compression standards

09:45 Colour Processing

Professor Maria Petrou (University of Surrey)

  • Colour spaces
  • Colour texture
  • Colour constancy
  • Colour models

10:45 Tea and discussion

11:15 Supervised and Unsupervised Classification

Dr Andrew Webb (DERA)

  • Supervised learning
  • Non-supervised learning/clustering

12:15 Lunch

13:30 Overview of Fusion of Information

Professor Maria Petrou (University of Surrey)

  • Bayesian systems
  • Fuzzy Logic

14:30 Real-time Hardware Architectural Design

Dr Bill Smith (DERA)

  • Requirements for real-time image processing architectures
  • Multiprocessor architectures
  • Interprocessor communications
  • Processor technologies – GPP, DSP and FPGA
  • Software frameworks for real-time systems

15:30 Tea and end of course