Maximum Margin Linear Classifiers in Unions of Subspaces

Xinrui Lyu, Joaquin Zepeda and Patrick Perez


In this work, we propose a framework, dubbed Union-of-Subspaces SVM (US-SVM), to learn linear classifiers as sparse codes over a learned dictionary. In contrast to discriminative sparse coding with a learned dictionary, it is not the data but the classifiers that are sparsely encoded. Experiments in visual categorization demonstrate that, at training time, the joint learning of the classifiers and of the over-complete dictionary allows the discovery and sharing of mid-level attributes. The resulting classifiers further have a very compact representation in the learned dictionaries, offering substantial performance advantages over standard SVM classifiers for a fixed representation sparsity. This high degree of sparsity of our classifier also provides computational gains, especially in the presence of numerous classes. In addition, the learned atoms can help identify several intra-class modalities.


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