We are pleased to announce the following awards presented at BMVC 2016

Best Science Paper (sponsored by Springer and BMVA)

Mapping Auto-context to a Deep, Sparse ConvNet for Semantic Segmentation
David Richmond, Dagmar Kainmueller, Michael Yang, Eugene Myers and Carsten Rother
University of Dresden, MPI Dresden

This prestigious award is to recognise the outstanding scientific quality of the work presented at the BMVC. The work must show outstanding scientific rigour, major novelty, and comprehensive comparative analysis. It is awarded based on Area Chair and reviewer recommendations.

Best Industry Related Paper (sponsored by nvidia and BMVA)

EMVS: Event-based Multi-View Stereo
Henri Rebecq, Guillermo Gallego and Davide Scaramuzza
University of Zurich

This prize is awarded to the work with the most demonstrable impact or potential in industrial applications. The work needs to contain major novelty and thorough validation.

Best Poster (sponsored by CRC press and BMVA)

Better Together: Joint Reasoning for Non-rigid 3D Reconstruction with Specularities and Shading
Qi Liu-Yin, Rui Yu, Lourdes Agapito, Andrew Fitzgibbon and Chris Russell
UCL, Microsoft

The selection of this award is based on scientific quality of the work, poster design, and presentation delivery.

BMVA Distinguished Fellow

Edwin Hancock
University of York