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Table of Contents

Session 1: Tracking

Automatic Player Detection, Labeling and Tracking in Broadcast Soccer Video J. Liu (Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences), X. Tong (Intel China Research Center), W. Li, T. Wang (Intel Corporation), Y. Zhang (Intel China Research Center), H. Wang (Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences), B. Yang, L. Sun and S. Yang (Tsinghua Univeristy).

Motion Segmentation Using Inference in Dynamic Bayesian Networks M. Toussaint (Technical University of Berlin), V. Willert (Honda Research Institute Europe), J. Eggert and E. Korner (Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH).

Session 2: Surveillance/Registration

Poster Session 1

Binary Co-occurrences of Weak Descriptors M. Winter and H. Bischof (Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision (ICG)).

the DIARETDB1 diabetic retinopathy database and evaluation protocol T. Kauppi (Lappeenranta University of Technology), V. Kalesnykiene (University of Kuopio), J.-K. Kamarainen, L. Lensu (Lappeenranta University of Technology), I. Sorri, A. Raninen, R. Voutilainen (University of Kuopio), H. Uusitalo (University of Tampere), H. Kalviainen (Lappeenranta University of Technology) and J. Pietila (Perimetria Ltd.).

Hilbert-Huang Transform-based Local Regions Descriptors D. Han, W. Li, W. Guo (Jilin University) and Z. Li (Shandong University of Technology).

High Accuracy Computation of Rank-Constrained Fundamental Matrix Y. Sugaya (Toyohashi University of Technology) and K. Kanatani (Okayama University).

Towards Real-Time Traffic Sign Recognition by Class-Specific Discriminative Features A. Ruta (Brunel University, West London), Y. Li (Brunel University) and X. Liu (Brunel University, West London).

Epsilon Stereo Pairs J. Yu and Y. Ding (University of Delaware).

Class-Specific Binary Correlograms for Object Recognition J. Amores (INRIA), N. Sebe (University of Amsterdam) and P. Radeva (Computer Vision Center).

A Combined RANSAC-Hough Transform Algorithm for Fundamental Matrix Estimation R. Den Hollander (TNO Defence, Security and Safety) and A. Hanjalic (Delft University of Technology).

Incremental LDA Learning by Combining Reconstructive and Discriminative Approaches M. Uray (Graz University of Technology), D. Skocaj (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science), P. M. Roth, H. Bischof (Graz University of Technology) and A. Leonardis (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science).

Finsler Level Set Segmentation for Imagery in Oriented Domains V. Mohan, J. Melonakos (Georgia Institute of Technology), M. Niethammer, M. Kubicki (Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital) and A. Tannenbaum (Georgia Institute of Technology).

Enforcing 3D Constraints To Improve Object and Scene Recognition R. Hewitt (University of California, San Diego), L. Goncalves (Evolution Robotics Retail) and M. E. Munich (Evolution Robotics).

Session 3: Biometrics

Gender Classification using Shape from Shading J. Wu (the university of york, uk), W. A. Smith and E. R. Hancock (University of York).

Session 4: Segmentation

Session 5: Image/Video Retrieval

Topology-Preserved Diffusion Distance for Histogram Comparison W. Yan (Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Q. Wang (Stanford University), Q. Liu, H. Lu and S. Ma (Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences).

Poster Session 2

Generic and Real-Time Structure from Motion E. Mouragnon (CEA), M. Lhuillier (Universite Blaise Pascal), M. Dhome (CNRS/Universite Blaise Pascal), F. Dekeyser and P. Sayd (CEA).

Shape from Texture: Fast Estimation of Planar Surface Orientation via Fourier Analysis F. Galasso and J. Lasenby (Dept. of Engineering, Signal Processing Lab., University of Cambridge).

Robust Multi-View Change Detection A. Lanza, L. Di Stefano (University of Bologna), J. Berclaz, F. Fleuret and P. Fua (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)).

Shape Recovery Using Stochastic Heat Flow V. P. Namboodiri and S. Chaudhuri (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay).

A Practical Approach for Super-Resolution using Photometric cue and Graph Cuts S. Sharma and M. V. Joshi (Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Gandhinagar, India).

Tracking Using Online Feature Selection and a Local Generative Model T. E. Woodley (University of Cambridge), B. Stenger (Toshiba Research Europe) and R. Cipolla (University of Cambridge).

Non-Gibbsian Markov random field models for contextual labelling of structured scenes D. Heesch (Imperial College, South Kensington Campus, London SW7 2AZ ) and M. Petrou (Imperial College London).

Unsupervised Learning of Shape Manifolds N. Rajpoot (University of Warwick), M. Arif (Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS)) and A. H. Bhalerao (University of Warwick).

Human Pose Extraction from Monocular Videos using Constrained Non-Rigid Factorization A. Shaji, S. Chandran (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay), B. Siddiquie (University of Maryland) and D. Suter (Monash University).

Fitting Surface of Free Form Objects using Optimized NURBS Patches Network with Evolutionary Strategies (mu + lambda) - ES J. W. Branch (Universidad Nacional de Colombia-Sede Medellin), F. Prieto (Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Sede Manizales) and P. Boulanger (University of Alberta).

Session 6: Object Recognition

Retina Sampling Feature Detection and Saccades; A Statistical Perspective. N. Thacker (The University of Manchester) and C. Leek (University of Wales Bangor).

Session 7: Shape Modelling and Analysis

Sparse MRF Appearance Models for Fast Anatomical Structure Localisation R. Donner (Graz University of Technology), B. Micusik (Vienna University of Technology), G. Langs and H. Bischof (Graz University of Technology).

Session 8: Video Analysis

On New View Synthesis Using Multiview Stereo O. J. Woodford, I. Reid (University of Oxford), P. Torr (Oxford Brookes University) and A. W. Fitzgibbon (Microsoft Research).

Indoor Place Recognition using Online Independent Support Vector Machines F. Orabona (University of Genoa), C. Castellini (LIRA-Lab, University of Genova, Italy), B. Caputo (IDIAP), J. Luo (IDIAP Research Institute) and G. Sandini (Italian Institute of Technology).

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