Table of Contents

Features of recognition

Stepwise Metric Adaptation Based on Semi-Supervised Learning for Boosting Image Retrieval Performance

H. Chang and D.-Y. Yeung (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology).

Stable Salient Contours

Y. Lan, J. R. Perez-Torres and R. Harvey (University of East Anglia).

Sub-linear Indexing for Large Scale Object Recognition

S. Obdrzalek and J. Matas (Czech Technical University).

On Matching Interest Regions Using Local Descriptors - Can an Information Theoretic Approach Help?

Z. Zivkovic and B. Krose (University of Amsterdam).

An Evaluation of Local Shape-Based Features for Pedestrian Detection

E. Seemann, B. Leibe, K. Mikolajczyk and B. Schiele (TU Darmstadt).

Fast Learning of Sprites using Invariant Features

M. Allan, M. K. Titsias and C. K. Williams (University of Edinburgh).

Geometry and shape

Auto-Calibration and Motion Recovery from Silhouettes for Turntable Sequences

H. Zhang, G. Zhang and K.-Y. K. Wong (The University of Hong Kong).

Shape from non-homogeneous, non-stationary, anisotropic, perspective texture

A. M. E. Loh (The University of Western Australia) and R. Hartley (National ICT Australia Ltd).

Correcting Radial Distortion by Circle Fitting

R. Strand and E. Hayman (KTH (Royal Institute of Technology)).

A Plumbline Constraint for the Rational Function Lens Distortion Model

D. Claus (University of Oxford) and A. W. Fitzgibbon (Microsoft Research Ltd).

Fast Isometric Parametrization of 3D Triangular Mesh

X. Sun and E. R. Hancock (University of York).

Tuesday Posters

Physically Valid Shape Parameterization for Monocular 3-D Deformable Surface Tracking

M. Salzmann, S. Ilic and P. Fua (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)).

Real Time 3D Environment Modeling for a Mobile Robot by Aligning Range Image Sequence

R. Sagawa, N. Osawa, T. Echigo and Y. Yagi (Osaka University).

A Maximum Flow Approach to the Volumetric Reconstruction Problem

C. Proulx (Universite de Montreal) and S. Roy (University of Montreal).

Segmentation-Assisted Dirt Detection for the Restoration of Archived Films

J. Ren and T. Vlachos (University of Surrey (UniS)).

Comparing Variants of the Beckmann Model

H. Ragheb (Bu-Ali Sina University) and E. R. Hancock (University of York).

Automatic detection of the optic disc, fovea and vacular arch in digital color photographs of the retina

M. Niemeijer, B. v. Ginneken (Image Sciences Institute), F. B. ter Haar (Utrecht University) and M. D. Abramoff (The University of Iowa).

Structural Comparison of Mammograms

B.-W. Hong (University of California, Los Angeles) and M. Brady (University of Oxford).

Stable Interest Point Detection under Illumination Changes Using Colour Invariants

F. Faille (Munich University of Technology).

Kernel Enhanced Informative Gabor Features for Face Recognition

L. Shen and L. Bai (University of Nottingham).

Double Contour Active Shape Models

M. Seise, S. J. McKenna, I. W. Ricketts and C. A. Wigderowitz (University of Dundee).

Computing Disparity on Demand: Disparity based Classification using Error-Tolerant Decision Tree Ensembles

A. S. Dhua, F. Cutzu (Indiana University) and J. Bailey (Delphi Corporation).

Estimating Planar Patches for Light Field Reconstruction

A. Mullins, A. Bowen, R. Wilson and N. Rajpoot (Warwick University).

Face Recognition Using Active Near-IR Illumination

X. Zou, J. Kittler and K. Messer (University of Surrey (UniS)).

Towards texture classification in real scenes

P. Southam and R. Harvey (University of East Anglia).

An Optimization Framework for Real-Time Appearance-Based Tracking under Weak Perspective

A. P. Leung and S. Gong (Queen Mary, University of London).

A Virtual Keyboard Based on True-3D Optical Ranging

H. Du (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)), T. Oggier, F. Lustenberger (CSEM SA) and E. Charbon (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)).

A Method of Estimating Oriented Surface Elements from Stereo Images

T. Pietzsch and A. Grossmann (Technische Universität Dresden).

Fitting Constrained 3D Models in Multiple Aerial Images

B. Vallet and F. Taillandier (Institut Géographique National (IGN)).

Computation of Homographies

M. J. Harker and P. L. O'Leary (University of Leoben).

Colour Constrained 4D Flow

T. C. Lukins and B. Fisher (University of Edinburgh).

Non-rigid 3D Factorization for Projective Reconstruction

X. Llado, A. Del Bue and L. Agapito (Queen Mary, University of London).

Region-based Matching for Robust 3D Face Recognition

A. S. Mian, M. Bennamoun and R. A. Owens (The University of Western Australia).

Two-image comparison under different illumination conditions

O. Drbohlav (Heriot-Watt University) and M. Chantler (Heriot Watt University).

Structurally Based Template Matching of On-line Handwritten Characters

J. Sternby (Lund University).

Synthesis of Novel Views of Moving Objects in Airborne Video

Z. Yue and R. Chellappa (University of Maryland).

Tracking 3D Object using Flexible Models

L. Masson (Lasmea), F. Jurie (INRIA Rhone Alpes) and M. Dhome (Lasmea).

Fast Image-based Rendering using Hierarchical Texture Priors

O. J. Woodford and A. Fitzgibbon (University of Oxford).

Looking at humans

Incremental Modelling of the Posterior Distribution of Objects for Inter and Intra Camera Tracking

A. Gilbert and r. bowden (University of Surrey).

Discovery of Activity Structures using the Hierarchical Hidden Markov Model

N. T. Nguyen and S. Venkatesh (Curtin University of Technology).

Real-time Interpretation of Hand Motions using a Sparse Bayesian Classifier on Motion Gradient Orientation Images

S.-F. WONG and R. CIPOLLA (University of Cambridge).

Conditional Mutual Infomation Based Boosting for Facial Expression Recognition

C. Shan, S. Gong and P. McOwan (Queen Mary, University of London).

Covariance matrix estimation for appearance-based face image processing

J. Robinson (University of York).

Human pose

Detection and Tracking of Humans by Probabilistic Body Part Assembly

A. S. Micilotta, E. J. Ong (University of Surrey (UniS)) and r. bowden (University of Surrey).

Articulated motion capture from 3-D points and normals

M. Niskanen (University of Oulu), E. .- Boyer (INRIA) and R. Horaud (INRIA Rhone Alpes).

Human Posture Sequence Estimation Using Two Un-calibrated Cameras

R. Wang and W. K. Leow (National Univeristy of Singapore).

Hierarchical Part-Based Human Body Pose Estimation

R. Navaratnam, A. Thayananthan (University of Cambridge), P. Torr (Oxford Brookes University) and R. Cipolla (University of Cambridge).

Using Temporal Coherence for Gait Pose Estimation From a Monocular Camera View

S. Hu and B. F. Buxton (University College London).

Real-Time 3-D Human Body Tracking using Variable Length Markov Models

F. Caillette, A. Galata and T. Howard (University of Manchester).

Vision for graphics

Real-Time Camera Tracking Using a Particle Filter

M. L. Pupilli and A. D. Calway (University of Bristol).

Hamiltonian path based shadow removal

C. Fredembach and G. D. Finlayson (University of East Anglia).

Hole Filling Through Photomontage

M. M. Wilczkowiak, G. J. Brostow (University of Cambridge), B. Tordoff (The MathWorks Ltd) and R. Cipolla (University of Cambridge).

A single-frame visual gyroscope

G. S. Klein and T. W. Drummond (University of Cambridge).

Illumination Estimation Using a Multilinear Constraint on Dichromatic Planes

J. Toro (Centre Hospitalier de l`Université de Montréal) and B. Funt (Simon Fraser University ).

Wednesday Posters

Style Adaptive Bayesian Tracking Using Explicit Manifold Learning

C.-S. Lee and A. Elgammal (Rutgers University).

Classifier-based Contour Tracking for Rigid and Deformable Objects

A. Shahrokni, F. Fleuret and P. Fua (EPFL).

Robust Image alignment using third-order global motion estimation

Y. keller (Yale University) and A. Averbuch (Tel Aviv University).

Learning over Sets using Boosted Manifold Principal Angles (BoMPA)

T.-K. Kim, O. Arandjelovic and R. Cipolla (University of Cambridge).

Incremental Learning of Temporally-Coherent Gaussian Mixture Models

O. D. Arandjelovic and R. Cipolla (University of Cambridge).

Multiple Fisher Classifiers Combination for Face Recognition based on Grouping AdaBoosted Gabor Features

X. Chen (Institute of Computing Technology), S. Shan, B. Cao, X. Chen (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences) and W. Gao (Harbin Institute of Technology).

Multi-Stage Approach to Fast Face Detection

D. D. LE and S. SATOH (National Institute of Informatics).

Multi-Modal Face Image Super-Resolutions in Tensor Space

K. Jia and S. Gong (Queen Mary, University of London).


D. Kong, D. Gray and H. Tao (University of California, Santa Cruz).

Estimating statistics in arbitrary regions of interest

T. Kadir and M. Brady (University of Oxford).

Offline Generation of High Quality Background Subtraction Data

E. Grossmann, A. Kale, C. Jaynes and S.-c. S. Cheung (University of Kentucky).

Online Video Behaviour Abnormality Detection Using Reliability Measure

T. Xiang and S. Gong (Queen Mary, University of London).

A Tennis Ball Tracking Algorithm for Automatic Annotation of Tennis Match

F. Yan, W. Christmas and J. Kittler (University of Surrey).

Improved Image Annotation and Labelling through Multi-Label Boosting

M. A. Johnson and R. Cipolla (University of Cambridge).

A Study of Graph Spectra for Comparing Graphs

P. Zhu and R. C. Wilson (University of York).

Discriminant Low-dimensional Subspace Analysis for Face Recognition with Small Number of Training Samples

H. Kong, X. Li (Nanyang Technological University), J. G. Wang (Institute for Infocomm Research), E. K. . Teoh (Nanyang Technological University) and C. Kambhamettu (University of Delaware).

Generalized 2D Fisher Discriminant Analysis

H. Kong, E. K. Teoh (Nanyang Technological University), J. G. Wang (Institute for Infocomm Research) and C. Kambhamettu (University of Delaware).

Markov random fields for textures recognition with local invariant regions and their geometric relationships

J. Blanchet, F. B. P. Forbes (INRIA Rhone Alpes) and C. Schmid (INRIA).

Using Overlapping Distributions to Deal with Face Pose Mismatch

S. Lucey (Carnegie Mellon University).

Movement Analysis for Interactive Dance Using Motion Capture Data Part I: Real-Time Tracking of Multiple People from Unlabelled Markers

D. Whiteley, G. Qian, T. Rikakis, J. James, T. Ingalls, S. K. Wong and L. Olson (Arizona State University).

A Novel Approach for Video Quantization Using the Spatiotemporal Frequency Characteristics of the Human Visual System

O. Marques and B. Petljanski (Florida Atlantic University).

Stochastic Deformable Model

A. S. El-Baz, A. A. Farag (University of Louisville) and G. Gimel'farb (The University of Auckland).

Estimation of Face Depths by Conditional Densities

J. Robinson and J. R. Hyde (University of York).

An Effective Bail-out Test for RANSAC Consensus Scoring

D. P. Capel (2d3 Ltd.).

Combining Colour and Orientation for Adaptive Particle Filter–based Tracking

E. Maggio, F. Smeraldi and A. Cavallaro (Queen Mary, University of London).

Outlier identification in stereo correspondences using quadrics

R. Den Hollander and A. Hanjalic (Delft University of Technology).


Recognizing Animals Using Motion Parts

C. Kong, A. D. Calway and M. Mirmehdi (University of Bristol).

Single-example learning of novel classes using representation by similarity

E. Bart and S. Ullman (Weizmann Institute of Science).

A Unified System For Object Detection, Texture Recognition, and Context Analysis Based on the Standard Model Feature Set

S. M. Bileschi and L. Wolf (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Foveated Figure-Ground Segmentation and Its Role in Recognition

M. Björkman and J.-O. Eklundh (KTH (Royal Institute of Technology)).

Simple canonical views

M. J. Owen (Bath University).

Active appearance models

Fluid Registration of Ultrasound using Multi-scale Phase Estimates

M. P. Mellor (oxford university) and M. Brady (University of Oxford).

A Clique of Active Appearance Models by Minimum Description Length

G. Langs (Graz University of Technology), P. Peloschek (Medical University Vienna), R. Donner and H. Bischof (Graz University of Technology).

Groupwise Construction of Appearance Models using Piece-wise Affine Deformations

T. F. Cootes, C. J. Twining (University of Manchester), V. S. Petrovic (The University of Manchester), R. S. Schestowitz and C. Taylor (University of Manchester).

Robust Non-Rigid Object Tracking Using Point Distribution Models

T. Mathes (University of Liege) and J. H. Piater (Université de Liège).

MDL Spline Models: Gradient and Polynomial Reparameterisations

J. Hladůvka and K. Bühler (VRVis).


Multiview Segmentation and Tracking of Dynamic Occluding Layers

I. Reid and K. Connor (University of Oxford).

Characterising Graphs using the Heat Kernel

E. R. Hancock, R. C. Wilson and X. Bai (University of York).

Colour Morphological Scale-Spaces for Image Segmentation

D. Gimenez and A. N. Evans (University of Bath).

Image Segmentation using Commute times

H. Qiu and E. R. Hancock (University of York).

A non-parametric model for partial volume segmentation of MR images

N. B. Joshi (Wolfson Medical Vision Laboratory) and M. Brady (University of Oxford).