BMVC 2004, Kingston, 7th-9th Sept, 2004

Drums and Curve Descriptors
M. Zuliani, C. Kenney, S. Bhagavathy and B. S. Manjunath (University of
California, Santa Barbara)

In this paper we present a new physically motivated curve descriptor based
on the solution of Helmholtz's equation. The descriptor satisfies the six principles
set by MPEG-7: it has a good retrieval accuracy, it is compact, it
can be applied in general contexts, it has a reasonable computational complexity,
it is robust and provides an hierarchical representation of the curve
from coarse to fine. Moreover this descriptor generalizes straightforwardly
to three dimensional surfaces. We tested the performance of the descriptor
in the context of affine invariant curve matching using the multiview curve
dataset (MCD), which consists of 40 curves (extracted from the MPEG-7
shape dataset) imaged under 14 different points of view. The results we obtained
show that the proposed descriptor satisfies the MPEG-7 requirements
and presents some advantages over some of the commonly used curve descriptors.
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