BMVC 2004, Kingston, 7th-9th Sept, 2004

A Course to Fine Multiscale Approach for Linear Least Squares Optical Flow Estimation
F. Lauze (IT University of Copenhapen, Denmark), P. Kornprobst (INRIA,
France) and E. M�min (University of Rennes, France)

Tensor-based approaches for optical flow have been often criticized because
of their limitations in handling large motions. This paper shows how to adapt
them in a multiscale coarse-to-fine strategy. We show how the same ideas
used in the variational framework can be adapted by working with both a
multiscale image sequence as well as a multiscale, motion compensated tensor
field. Several experiments are presented in order to compare it to some
recent well known multiscale techniques. We demonstrate how this approach
offers a good compromise between precision and computational efficiency.
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