BMVC 2004, Kingston, 7th-9th Sept, 2004

Interaction between hand and wearable camera in 2d and 3d environments
W.W. Mayol, A.J. Davison, B.J. Tordoff, N.D.Molton and D.W. Murray
(University of Oxford)

This paper is concerned with allowing the user of a wearable, portable,
vision system to interact with the visual information using hand movements
and gestures. Two example scenarios are explored. The first, in 2D, uses
the wearer's hand to both guide an active wearable camera and to highlight
objects of interest using a grasping vector. The second is based in 3D, and
builds on earlier work which recovers 3D scene structure at video-rate, allowing
real-time purposive redirection of the camera to any scene point. Here,
a range of hand gestures are used to highlight and select 3D points within
the structure and in this instance used to insert 3D graphical objects into the
scene. Structure recovery, gesture recognition, scene annotation and augmentation
are achieved in parallel and at video-rate.
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