BMVC 2004, Kingston, 7th-9th Sept, 2004

On the choice of the goodness-to-fit term for multibaseline stereovision
M. Sanfourche, G. Le Besnerais and F. Champagnat (ONERA, France)

We address DSM reconstruction from calibrated limited-angle aerial
side-looking image sequences. We use a regularised approach which
combines a multi-view pixel-wise similarity criterion and a L1-norm
regularisation term. Although it gives quite good results, it has two
main drawbacks: occlusions are not dealt with and the reconstruction
improvement brought by addition of a new view becomes negligible beyond
a certain number of views. We argue that these problems result
from lacks of goodness-of-fit term. We propose to modify this term in
order to obtain high resolution DSMs with occlusions handling. First
developed on synthetic sequence, these modifications are evaluated here
on a real sequence with good results.
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