BMVC 2004, Kingston, 7th-9th Sept, 2004

Image Mosaicing from Uncalibrated Views of a Surface of Revolution
C. Colombo, A. Del Bimbo and F. Pernici (Universita di Firenze, Italy)

We present a novel approach to obtain a mosaic image for the surface texture
content of a surface of revolution (SOR) from a collection of uncalibrated views.
The SOR scene constraint is used to calibrate each view and align the corresponding
pictorial content into a global representation. Metric surface properties
are extracted from each view by exploiting special properties of the imaged SOR
geometry expressed in terms of homologies. Image alignment is achieved by
projecting imaged surface elements onto a reference plane, and then registering
them according to a translational motion model. This work extends previous research
on calibrated scenes of right circular cylinders to the more general case of
uncalibrated SOR scenes. Experimental results with images taken from the web
demonstrate the effectiveness and the general applicability of the approach.
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