BMVC 2004, Kingston, 7th-9th Sept, 2004

Underexposed Image Correction Via Approximation of the Scene Radiance Function
A. Robles-Kelly and E. Hancock (University of York)

In this paper, we describe a method for correcting underexposed images by
recovering the Lambertian diffuse component in the scene. The method
makes use of an implicit mapping between the objects in the scene and a
unit sphere. As a result of this treatment, the scene radiance function can
be represented by a polar function on the unit sphere. We pose the problem
of recovering the scene radiance function as that of estimating a tabular
representation of this polar function. We demonstrate how image gradient
information can be used to perform the required mapping. With the mapping
at hand, we generate an image corresponding to the diffuse component of
the scene. The diffuse and input images are then blended in order to obtain
the corrected image. We present results on images of real-world scenes and
provide comparison with an alternative.
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