BMVC 2004, Kingston, 7th-9th Sept, 2004

A General Framework for 2D Multiframe and 3D Surface-to-surface Motion Estimation
M. Li, C. Kambhamettu (University of Delaware, USA) and M. Stone
(University of Maryland, USA)

A general framework for 2D multiframe and 3D surface-to-surface motion
estimation is presented in this paper. By viewing a 2D contour sequence
as a pseudo 3D surface, we solve the motion estimation problem for 2D multiframe
and 3D surface-to-surface in a general framework, by estimating the
motion of a "surface". The deformation of a "surface" is modeled using
spline-based motion. This spline-based motion model does not constrain
the motion type in the temporal domain for 2D multiframe motion estimation.
For 3D motion estimation, we focus on the relationship between the
underlying nonrigid motion and 3D surface properties. The spline motion
model provides our method certain advantages over other nonrigid shapebased
methods. For example, we do not need approximation of the orthogonal
parameterization. The small deformation constraint introduced by the
previous surface-to-surface motion estimation methods is also relaxed in our
method. Experiments on both synthetic and real motion are presented in this
(pdf article)