BMVC 2004, Kingston, 7th-9th Sept, 2004

Human Shape and Motion from Video
P. Fua (EPFL, Switzerland)

In recent years, because cameras have become inexpensive and ever more
prevalent, there has been increasing interest in modeling human shape and
motion from image data. This type of modeling has many applications, such
as electronic publishing, entertainment, sports medicine and athletic training.
This, however, is an inherently difficult task, both because the body is very
complex and because the data that can be extracted from images is often incomplete,
noisy and ambiguous. EPFL's Computer Vision Laboratory seeks
to overcome these difficulties by using facial and body animation models,
not only to represent the data, but also to guide the fitting process, thereby
substantially improving performance. Start from sophisticated 3-D animation
models, we reformulate them so that they can be used for data analysis
in the three following research areas.

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