Motion bias and structure distortion induced by calibration errors

M Zucchelli and J Kosecka

This article provides an account of sensitivity and robustness of structure and motion recovery with respect to the errors in intrinsic parameters of the camera. We demonstrate both analytically and in simulation, the interplay between measurement and calibration errors and their effect on motion and structure estimates. In particular we show that the calibration errors introduce an additional bias towards the optical axis, which has opposite sign to the bias typically observed by egomotion algorithms. The overall bias causes a distortion of the resulting 3D structure, which we express in a parametric form. The analysis and experiments are carried out in the differential setting for motion and structure estimation from image velocities. While the analytical explanations are derived in the context of linear techniques for motion estimation, we verify our observations experimentally on a variety of optimal and suboptimal motion and structure estimation algorithms. The obtained results illuminate and explain the performance and sensitivity of the differential structure and motion recovery techniques in the presence of calibration errors.

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