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Invited Talk

The Use of Geometrical and Physical Models in Medical Image Analysis
J S Duncan
Yale University

Modelling Shape

An Information Theoretic Approach to Statistical Shape Modelling
R H Davies, T F Cootes, C J Twining and C J Taylor
University of Manchester

Deformable Spatio-Temporal Shape Models:Extending ASM to 2D+Time
G Hamarneh and T Gustavsson
Chalmers University

Kernel Principal Component Analysis and the construction of non-linear Active Shape Models
C J Twining and C J Taylor
University of Manchester

Structured Point Distribution Models: Model Intermittently Present Features
M Rogers and J Graham
University of Manchester

Application of the Active Shape Model in a commercial medical device for bone densitometry
H H Thodberg and A Rosholm

Tracking & Sequences

Reactive Zoom Control while Tracking Using an Affine Camera
B Tordoff and D Murray
University of Oxford

Model-Based Hand Tracking Using an Unscented Kalman Filter
B D R Stenger, P R S Mendonca and R Cipolla
University of Cambridge

Detection and Classification of Shot Transitions
S Porter, M Mirmehdi and B Thomas
University of Bristol

Simultaneous Tracking of Both Hands by Estimation of Erroneous Observations
J P Mammen, S Chaudhuri and T Agrawal
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Tracking multiple sports players through occlusion, congestion and scale
C J Needham and R D Boyle
University of Leeds

Poster 1

Hierarchical Combination of Object Models using Mutual Information
H Kruppa and B Schiele
ETH Zurich

SSD Matching Using Shift-Invariant Wavelet Transform
F Shi, N R Hughes and G Roberts
University of Wales

An EM-like Algorithm for Motion Segmentation via Eigendecomposition
A Robles-Kelly and E R Hancock
University of York

Moving Object Graphs and Layer Extraction from Image Sequences
D Tweed and A Calway
University of Bristol

Tracking Mammographic Structures Over Time
R Marti, R Zwiggelaar and C M E Rubin
University of Portsmouth

View Synthesis using Convex and Visual Hulls
Y Wexler and R Chellappa
University of Maryland

Illumination-Invariant Motion Detection Using Colour Mixture Models
M Xu and T Ellis
City University

Pose-Independent Face Identification from Video Sequences
M C Lincoln and A F Clark
University of Essex

Recursive flow based structure from parallax with automatic rescaling
M Zucchelli and H I Christensen
Royal Institute of Technology

A Case Study in the use of ROC curves for Algorithm Design
P A Bromiley, P Courtney and N A Thacker
University of Manchester

TINA 2001: The Closed Loop 3D Model Matcher
A J Lacey, N A Thacker, P Courtney and S B Pollard
University of Manchester

Recognition of Facial Expressions in the Presence of Occlusion
F Bourel, C C Chibelushi and A A Low
Staffordshire University

View Reconstruction by Linear Combination of Sample Views
G Peters and C v d Malsburg
Ruhr-Universitńt Bochum

New Area Based Metrics for Automatic Gait Recognition
J Foster, M Nixon and A Prugel-Bennet
University of Southampton

Adaptive Visual System for Tracking Low Resolution Colour Targets
P KaewTraKulPong and R Bowden
Brunel University

3-D Object Recognition Based on Integration of Range Image and Gray-scale Image
M Hashimoto and K Sumi
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Finding Paths in Video Sequences
D Makris and T Ellis
City University

Comparison of {3D} Algorithms for Non-rigid Motion and Correspondence Estimation
P Laskov and C Kambhamettu
University of Delaware

Colour & Systems

Colour Image Segmentation by Non-Parametric Density Estimation in Colour Space
P A Bromiley, N A Thacker and P Courtney
University of Manchester

Illumination technique for optical dynamic range compression and offset reduction
C Koch, S Park, T J Ellis and A Georgiadis
City University

Hue that is invariant to brightness and gamma
G Finlayson and G Schaefer
University of East Anglia

Evolvable Biologically Plausible Visual Architectures
A Sloman
The University of Birmingham


Segmentation of Rough Surfaces using Reflectance
G McGunnigle and M J Chantler
Heriot Watt University

Combining 3D Deformable Models and Level Set Methods for the Segmentation of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
D Magee, A Bulpitt and E Berry
University of Leeds

An Adaptive Potential for Robust Shape Estimation
J Nascimento and J Marques
Instituto Superior TÚcnico

Performance Evaluation of Corner Detection Algorithms under Similarity and Affine Transforms
F Mohanna and F Mokhtarian
University of Surrey

Evaluating image segmentation algorithms using monotonic hulls in fitness/cost space
M Everingham, H Muller and B Thomas
University of Bristol

Matching & Retrieval

Spectral and Spatial Invariant Image Retrieval using Scene Structural Matrix
G Qiu and S Sudirman
The University of Nottingham

Graph Matching using Adjacency Matrix Markov Chains
A Robles-Kelly and E Hancock
University of York

Object descriptors invariant to affine distortions
A Kadyrov and M Petrou
University of Surrey

Salient Points for Content-Based Retrieval
N Sebe and M S Lew
Leiden Institute of Advance Computer Science

Robust Registration of 2D and 3D Point Sets
A W Fitzgibbon
University of Oxford

Poster 2

Estimating the Orientation and Recovery of Text Planes in a Single Image
P Clark and M Mirmehdi
University of Bristol

Detection Algorithm of Particle Contamination in Reticle Images with Continuous Wavelet Transform
C Chen and G Qiu
The University of Nottingham

Oriented Matching Constraints
T Werner and T Pajdla
University of Oxford

Mathematical Morphology in the HLS Colour Space
A Hanbury and J Serra
Ecole des Mines de Paris

A Fourier Approach to 3D Local Feature Estimation from Volume Data
A Bhalerao and R Wilson
University of Warwick

A Practical Method for Estimation of Point Light-Sources
M Weber and R Cipolla
University of Cambridge

Markov fields for recognition derived from facial texture error
N P Costen, T F Cootes and C J Taylor
Manchester Metropolitan University

A SOM Based Approach to Skin Detection with Application in Real Time Systems
D A Brown, I Craw and J Lewthwaite
University of Aberdeen

Self-Similar Convolution Image Distribution Histograms as Invariant Identifiers
C E Tuke, S E M O'Keefe and J Austin
University of York

CBIR with Perceptual Region Features
M Mirmehdi and R Periasamy
University of Bristol

A Buyer's Guide to Euclidean Elliptical Cylindrical and Conical Surface Fitting
P Faber and R B Fisher
University of Edinburgh

Recognition and retrieval via histogram trees
S Gibson and R Harvey
University of East Anglia

Separating Lambertian and Specular Reflectance Components using Iterated Conditional Modes
H Ragheb and E R Hancock
University of York

MDL based Structural Interpretation of Images under Partial Occlusion
S Ramakrishnan and P Forte
Kingston University

A Comparison of Three Rough Surface Classifiers
G McGunnigle and M J Chantler
Heriot Watt University

Human Shape Estimation in a Multi-Camera Studio
J Starck, A Hilton and J Illingworth
University of Surrey


Towards a low bandwidth talking face using appearance models
B Theobald, G Cawley, S Kruse and J A Bangham
University of East Anglia

Face Verification via ECOC
J Kittler, R Ghaderi, T Windeatt and J Matas
University of Surrey

Reactive Memories: An Interactive Talking-Head
V E Devin and D C Hogg
University of Leeds

Recognising Trajectories of Facial Identities Using Kernel Discriminant Analysis
Y Li, S Gong and H Liddell
Queen Mary, University of London

Geometry & Structure

Calibration of a Moving Camera Using a Planar Pattern: A Centre Line-Based Approach for Varying Focal Length
P Gurdjos and R Payrissat
Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT)

Algebraic Aspects of Reconstruction of 3D Scenes from One or More Views
E Grossmann, D Ortin and J Santos-Victor
Instituto Superior TÚcnico

3D Building Reconstruction by Map Based Generation and Evaluation of Hypotheses
I Suveg and G Vosselman
Delft University of Technology

Rectification for any epipolar geometry
D Oram
University of Manchester

Motion bias and structure distortion induced by calibration errors
M Zucchelli and J Kosecka
Royal Institute of Technology

Modelling Behaviour

Data Driven Model Acquisition using Minimum Description Length
M Walter, A Psarrou and S Gong
University of Westminster

Classifying Surveillance Events from Attributes and Behaviour
P Remagnino and G A Jones
Kingston University

Learning Pixel-Wise Signal Energy for Understanding Semantics
J Ng and S Gong
Queen Mary, University of London

Zernike Velocity Moments for Description and Recognition of Moving Shapes
J D Shutler and M S Nixon
University of Southampton

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