Technical Support and Guidance

The papers comprising the Proceedings of the Tenth BMVC are encoded in Adobe PDF format and embedded in a linked series of web pages. To view the Electronic Proceedings you therefore require a web browser with a plug-in capable of reading/displaying/printing PDF. Most of the PDF included here was created using Adobe Acrobat 4.0. Some was provided by the authors themselves but all the PDF files contained herein have been viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat 4.0.

The editors of the 1998 Proceedings, which are included here, included copies of PDF Viewers for various operating systems. This is the complete and free distribution of the Adobe reader software for English speakers. Other language options and upgrades are available at Adobe’s home page . The PDF viewers can be found in the directory bmvc98/support/adobe on this CD. Full instructions from the manufacturer are included. These viewers include plug-in support for Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. .

When the viewer is unable to display text because the screen resolution is too low, a short line one pixel wide is
substituted. However, in rare cases, this line may be drawn in the wrong place. Increasing the screen resolution, or
zooming in, displays the document correctly.

PDF files can also be viewed, but not searched, with Ghostscript.

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