Nottingham University is proud to host the Tenth British Machine Vision Conference. As in previous years the conference has attracted more high quality papers than we have space to publish, and there are a wealth of interesting results and new ideas to be discovered in the these two volumes. This year over one hundred papers were received for refereeing. The editors have found it a stimulating and thought provoking experience to read the papers as they arrived and the proceedings took shape. Our thanks to the Programme Committee who worked hard reviewing the papers to a tight deadline.

We are pleased to welcome Richard Szeliski and Dimitris Metaxas who are presenting our plenary talks. We would also like to thank Maria Petrou and Josef Kittler for preparing and presenting this year’s tutorial.

Once again, on Industry Day, UKIVA are holding their Annual General Meeting and Technical Workshop alongside BMVC in order to encourage cooperation and the cross fertilisation of ideas between the two associations. Their workshop this year is entitled Innovations in Illumination for Machine Vision. We welcome them to BMVC99.

The discussion and debate that will take place over coffee, during meals, around the poster sessions, and in the social programme will be as important as the written papers and presentations in sparking new ideas and generating the lively exchange of ideas that has been a hallmark of BMVC since its inception.

We hope everybody will have a most enjoyable and profitable conference and that you will return to your work in machine vision with a renewed sense of excitement and with new ideas and inspiration for your research in the coming year.

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