Table of Contents

Volume 1

Invited Paper

Deformable Models for Segmentation, 3D Shape and Motion Estimation and Recognition
D. Metaxas, University of Pennsylvania, USA


Session 1: Modelling Human Behaviour

Learning Behaviour Models of Human Activities
A.Galata, N. Johnson and D. Hogg, University of Leeds

Learning Prior and Observation Augmented Density Models for Behaviour Recognition
M. Walter, A. Psarrou and S. Gong, University of Westminster

A Dynamic 3D Human Model using Hybrid 2D-3D Representations in Hierarchical PCA Space
E.J. Ong and S. Gong, Queen Mary and Westfield College, The University of London


Session 2: Multi-View Techniques

Matching Point-sets using Procrustes Alignment and the EM Algorithm
B. Luo and E.R. Hancock, University of York

MDL, Colllineations and the Fundamental Matrix
S.J. Maybank and P.F. Sturm, The University of Reading

Critical Motion Sequences for the Self-Calibration of Cameras and Stereo Systems with Variable Focal Length
P. Sturm, The University of Reading

Model Refinement from Planar Parallax
A.R. Dick and R. Cipolla, University of Cambridge

Reconstruction and Motion Estimation from Apparent Contours under Circular Motion
K. Wong, S. Mendonca and R. Cipolla, University of Cambridge


Session 3: Image Matching and Retrieval

Similarity Measures for Matching Diffusion Tensor Images
D Alexander, J. Gee and R. Bajcsy
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA.

Fuzzy Colour Category Map for Content Based Image Retrieval
M. Seaborn, L. Hepplewhite and J. Stonham, Brunel University

Scale-space Trees and Applications as Filters for Stereo Vision and Image Retrieval
J.A. Bangham, K. Moravec, R. Harvey and M. Fisher
University of East Anglia

CQA – Subjective Video Codec Quality Analyser
T. Morris et. al., UMIST


Session 4: Poster Session

Curvature Estimation on Smoothed 3-D Meshes
P. Yuen, N. Khalili and F. Mokhtarian, University of Surrey

Recognition of multiple objects based on global image consistency
M. Hashimoto, K. Sumi and T. Usami
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan

A Reflectance Model for Radar Shape From Shading
R.C. Wilson and E.R. Hancock, University of York

A Next-Best-View Algorithm for 3D Scene Recovery with 5 Degrees of Freedom
J.M. Sanchiz and R.B. Fisher, University of Edinburgh

Comparing Active Shape Models with Active Appearance Models
T.F. Cootes, G. Edwards and C. J. Taylor
Manchester University

Construction of Articulated Models from Range Data
A.P. Ashbrook, R.B. Fisher, N. Werghi and C. Robertson
University of Edinburgh

Texture Deconvolution for the Fourier-Based Analysis of Non-Rectangular Regions
A.A. Clark, B.T. Thomas, N.W. Campbell, P. Greenway
University of Bristol

Combining Class-Specific Fragments for Object Classification
E. Sali and S. Ullman
The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Non-linear Registration using a Finite Element Method
M. Valdivieso-Casique and S. Arridge
University College London

Collineation Estimation from Two Unmatched Views of an Unknown Planar Contour for Visual Servoing
G. Chesi, E. Malis and R. Cipolla
Universita di Siena, Italy

N-View Point Set Registration: A Comparison
S.J. Cunnington and A. Stoddart
University of Surrey

The Applications of Uncalibrated Occlusion Junctions
A. Broadhurst and R. Cipolla
University of Cambridge


Session 5: Single View Techniques

Accumulating Spectral Evidence for Perspective Views of Texture Planes
E. Ribeiro and E.R. Hancock, University of York

A Method for Interactive 3D Reconstruction of Piecewise Planar Objects from Single Images
P.F. Sturm and S.J. Maybank, University of Reading

Improving Second-order Surface Estimation
N. Werghi, R.B. Fisher, A. Ashbrook and C. Robertson
University of Edinburgh


Session 6: Image Generation and Interpolation

Generating Realistic Mass Lesions in Digital Mammograms Using Statistical Models
S. Caulkin and S. Astley,University of Manchester

Improving Augmented Reality using Image and Scene Constraints
R.A. Smith, A. Fitzgibbon and A. Zisserman
University of Oxford

Application of the Total Least Squares Procedure to Linear View Interpolation
D M Kennedy, A.F. Buxton and J.H. Gilby
Sira Ltd, South Hill, Chislehurst, Kent


Volume 2

Invited Paper

Stereo Algorithms and Representations for Image-based Rendering
R. Szeliski, Microsoft Research


Session 7: Poster Session

Efficient Representation of 3D Human Head Models
S. Ertürk and T.J. Dennis, University of Essex

Factors Affecting the Training of a WISARD Classifier for Monitoring Fish Underwater
D. Chan, S. Hockaday, R.D. Tillett and L.G. Ross
Silsoe Research Institute

Poppet: A Robust Road Boundary Detection and Tracking Algorithm
M.B. Wilson and S. Dickson, Cranfield University

Separating Background Texture and Image Structure in Mammograms
R. Zwiggelaar, University of Portsmouth

Incorporating Shape into Histograms for CBIR
G. Gagaudakis and P.L. Rosin, Brunel University

Camera Calibration from Vanishing Points in Image of Architectural Scenes
R. Cipolla, T. Drummond and D. Robertson
University of Cambridge

The Accuracy of Sub-Pixel Localisation in the Canny Edge Detector
P. Rockett, University of Sheffield

Facial Pose using Shape-from-Shading
K.N. Choi, P. Worthington and E.R. Hancock
University of York

Accurate Measurement of Normal Vectors and Principal Curvatures of the Left Ventricle from MRI Data Using Variational Calculus
T. Rachidi, L. Coghlan and A. Amar
Alakhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco

Structural Features of Cursive Arabic Script
M S Khorsheed and W F Clocksin, Cambridge University

Road Recognition Using Fuzzy Classifiers
J. Shanahan, B.Thomas, M. Mirmehdi, T. Martin and J.Baldwin
University of Bristol

Adaptive Texture Representation Methods for Automatic Target Recognition
K. Messer, D. de Ridder and J. Kittler, University of Surrey


Session 8: Models and Search

Adding and Subtracting Eigenspaces
P. Hall, D. Marshall and R. Martin, Cardiff University

Automatically Building Appearance Models from Images Sequences using Salient Features
K.N. Walker, T.F. Cootes and C.J. Taylor
University of Manchester

Using Wavelets for Compression and Multiresolution Search with Active Appearance Models
C.B.H. Wolstenholme and C.J. Taylor, University of Manchester

A Multi-View Nonlinear Active Shape Model Using Kernel PCA
S. Romdhani, S. Gong and A. Psarrou
Harrow School of Computer Science, University of Westminster

Two Methods for Comparing Different Views of the Same Object
G. Peters, B. Zitova and C von der Malsburg
Institut fur Neuroinformatik, Systembiophysik, Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, Germany


Session 9: Face Models and Recognition

Learning Support Vector Machines for A Multi-View Face Model
J.N.S. Kwong and S. Gong
Queen Mary and Westfield College, The University of London

Automatic Extraction of the Face Identity-Subspace
N. Costen, T. Cootes, G. Edwards and C.J. Taylor
University of Manchester

Understanding Pose Discrimination in Similarity Space
J. Sherrah, S. Gong and E. J. Ong
Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London

Facial Shape Recovery by Feature Driven Stereo Analysis
X. Y. Ju and A. Naftel, University of Central Lancashire

Support Vector Machines for Face Authentication
K. Johnsson, J. Kittler, Y. Li and J. Matas
University of Surrey


Session 10: Movement and Tracking

Finding Moving Shapes by Continuous-Model Evidence Gathering
M.G. Grant, M.S. Nixon and P.H. Lewis
University of Southampton

Fusion of Perceptual Cues using Covariance Estimation
J. Sherrah and S. Gong
Queen Mary and Wesfield College, University of London

Real-time Tracking of Complex Structures with On-line Camera Calibration
T. Drummond and R. Cipolla, University of Cambridge

Edge Tracking for Motion Segmentation and Depth Ordering
P. Smith, T. Drummond and R. Cipolla, University of Cambridge

Building Class Sensitive Models for Tracking Applications
D.R. Magee and R.D. Boyle, University of Leeds


Session 11: Low and High-Level Feature Detection

Force Field Energy Functionals for Image Feature Extraction
D.J. Hurley, M.S. Nixon and J.N. Carter
University of Southampton

Developing a Measure of Similarity between Pixel Signatures
A. Holmes and C.J. Taylor, University of Manchester

A Computational Method for Hip Joint Centre Location from Optical Markers
A.J. Stoddart, P. Mrazek, D. Ewins and D. Hynd
University of Surrey

Shape Partitioning by Convexity
P.L Rosin, Brunel University

Detection and Classification of Hyper-Spectral Edges
H. Stokman and T Gevers
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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