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3-D Planar Orientation from Texture: Estimating Vanishing Point from Local Spectral Analysis

3D Shape Modelling through a Constrained Estimation of a Bicubic B-spline Surface

3D Trajectories from a Single Viewpoint using Shadows

A Best Next View Selection Algorithm Incorporating a Quality Criterion

A Bi-Directional Integrated Model for Non-Rigid Motion Analysis

A Binary Correlation Matrix Memory k-NN Classifier with Hardware Implementation

A Colour Object Search Algorithm

A Comparative Evaluation of Active Appearance Model Algorithms

A Comparative Study of Rotation Invariant Classification and Retrieval of Texture Images

A Fast Matching Method for Color Uncalibrated Images using Differential Invariants

A Feature Representation for Map Building and Path Planning

A Method for Dynamic Clustering of Data

A Method of Automated Landmark Generation for Automated 3D PDM Construction

A Novel Approach to Real-time Non-intrusive Gaze Finding

A Novel Confidence-Based Framework for Multiple Expert Decision Fusion

A Two-Stage Algorithm for Planning the Next View From Range Images

Active Object Recognition in Parametric Eigenspace

Analysis and Computation of an Affine Trifocal Tensor

Applications of the ""Creep-and-Merge"" System: Corner Detection

Applying Visual Processing to GPS Mapping of Trackside Structures

Assessing the Behaviour of Polygonal Approximation Algorithms

Autocalibration in the Presence of Critical Motions

Automatic Face Authentication from 3D surface

Automatic Face Representation and Classification

Automatic Processing of Document Annotations

Benchmarking of Bootstrap Temporal Stereo using Statistical and Physical Scene Modelling

Building Shape Models from Image Sequences using Piecewise Linear Approximation

Choosing an Optimal Neural Network Size to aid a Search Through a Large Image Database

Color Invariant Snakes

Colour Profiling Using Multiple Colour Spaces

Comparing Different Template Features for Recognizing People by their Gait

Controllability and Observability: Tools for Kalman Filter Design

Corner Detection Via Topographic Analysis of Vector Potential

Detecting Asymmetries in Hippocampal Shape and Receptor Distribution using Statistical Appearance Models and Linear Discriminant Analysis

Detection and Tracking of Very Small Low Contrast Objects

Effective Corner Matching

Efficient Dense Matching for Textured Scenes using Region Growing

Enhancement of Temporally Variable Features in Nailfold Capillary Patterns

Estimating 3D Facial Pose using the EM Algorithm

Extraction of Moving Articulated-Objects by Evidence Gathering

Gait Classification with HMMs for Trajectories of Body Parts Extracted by Mixture Densities

Geometric Grouping of Repeated Elements within Images

Gesture Recognition for Visually Mediated Interaction using Probabilistic Event Trajectories

Image Registration using Multiresolution Frequency Domain Correlation

Improved Video Mosaic Construction by Accumulated Alignment Error Distribution

Improving Stereo Performance in Regions of Low Texture

Improving the Robustness of Cell Nucleus Segmentation

Increased Extent of Characteristic Views using Shape-from-Shading for Object Recognition

Incremental Eigenanalysis for Classification

Learning Enhanced 3D Models for Vehicle Tracking

Learning Gestures for Visually Mediated Interaction

Learning Spatio-Temporal Patterns for Predicting Object Behaviour

Learning to Associate Faces across Views in Vector Space of Similarities to Prototypes

Lip Posture Estimation using Kinematically Constrained Mixture Models

Locating Salient Object Features

Matching Disparate Views of Planar Surfaces Using Projective Invariants

Multi-Scale 3-D Free-Form Surface Smoothing

Non-Rigid Image Registration Using a Parameter-Free Elastic Model

ORASSYLL: Object Recognition with Autonomously Learned and Sparse Symbolic Representations Based on Local Line Detectors

Omnidirectional Vision

Optimum Template Selection for Image Registration Using ICMM

Pattern Recognition Methods for Object Boundary Detection

Pattern Regularity as a Visual Key

Perceptual Grouping from Gabor Filter Responses

Photometric Invariant Region Detection

Planar Curve Representation and Matching

Progressive Probabilistic Hough Transform

Real-time Panoramic Mosaics and Augmented Reality

Real-time Visual Recovery of Pose using Line Tracking in Multiple Cameras

Realisable Classifiers: Improving Operating Performance on Variable Cost Problems

Recognition of Planar Objects in 3D Space

Reconstructing 3D Pose and Motion from a Single Camera View

Recovering More Classes than Available Bands for Mixed Pixels in Remote Sensing

Recovering Motion Fields: An Evaluation of Eight Optical Flow Algorithms

Robot Stereo-hand Coordination for Grasping Curved Parts

Saliency-Based Robust Correlation for Real-Time Face Registration and Verification

Segmentation of Global Motion using Temporal Probabilistic Classification

Self-Calibrating Surface Reconstruction for the ModelMaker

Self-Calibration of a Rotating Camera with Varying Intrinsic Parameters

Spatial Filtering Requirements for Gradient-Based Optical Flow Measurement

Steerable Filters from Erlang Functions

Stereo Matching with Direct Surface Orientation Recovery

The Multiscale Medial Response of Grey-level Images

The Precision of 3D Reconstruction from Uncalibrated Views

The Segmentation of Images via Scale-Space Trees

Vehicle Trajectory Approximation and Classification

View Synthesis by Trinocular Edge Matching and Transfer

Viewpoint Selection for Complete Surface Coverage of Three Dimensional Objects

Vision Based Person Tracking with a Mobile Robot

Visual Learning of Weight from Shape Using Support Vector Machines

Writer Identification from Non-uniformly Skewed Handwriting Images

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