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A full selection of PDF viewers are available at Adobe’s home page

These viewers include plug-in support for Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer and a very wide range of operating sytems.

The PDF viewers not only provide high quality on-screen representations, but can also to be used to print private copies of each paper.

ACROBAT Version 2.1 has been used to encode the PDF files.

When the viewer is unable to display text because the screen resolution is too low, a short line one pixel wide is substituted. However, in rare cases, this line may be drawn in the wrong place. Increasing the screen resolution, or zooming in, displays the document correctly.

The PDF files can also be viewed, but not searched with Ghostscript.


This document is arranged in a virtual hierarchical order. At the top level is the home page. Below that is the list of sessions, the next level down contains the contents of all the sessions, while the bottom level is the title and abstracts for each paper.

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