A Corner Orientation Detector

F. Chabat , G.Z. Yang, P. Burger, D.M. Hansell
Department of Imaging. Royal Brompton Hospital. London SW3 6NP
Department of Computing. Imperial College. London SW7 2AZ


This paper introduces a corner detector that also estimates the corner's orientation. It can deal with junctions as well as corners. Corner points are detected as intensity patterns that are anisotropic along several directions. Pixels belonging to the corner's arms are then analysed, and a histogram search provides a measure of their dominant orientations. Based on a single derivative scheme proposed by Yang et al [ 3 ], the approach is proved to be insensitive to noise. Applications to synthetic and real-life images are shown.

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F. Chabat
Tue Jul 15 16:28:33 BST 1997