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The Annals of the BMVA

Welcome to the Annals of the BMVA.

The Annals is an online journal for disseminating research in computer vision and related disciplines. It aims to provide rapid publication of new techniques and developments in this fast-moving field, with a publication time measured in days or weeks rather than months or years.

The Annals has volume and ‘issue’ numbers, just like paper journals; however, the volume number is the year, while the issue number is the paper number within that year, ordered sequentially from unity. Thus, the pages of each article also start from unity. This arrangement simplifies referencing articles – and, indeed, makes them easier to find on the Web.

All volumes are accessible from this page, starting from the first year of publication of the Annals in 2007. Each volume has a complete listing of papers in navigable form and as a BIBTEX database.

The papers

All papers etc are available as PDF, which can be perused using Adobe’s Acrobat Reader or one of the free PDF readers. Follow the links below to see the contents list for a particular year or for the BIBTEX database for that year.

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2010 (BIBTEX database)
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Information for authors

Editor-in-chief Production editor
Roy Davies Adrian Clark
e.r.davies/at/ alien/at/

The Annals will consider papers on any topic that falls within the normal remit of the BMVA, BMVC or any of the Technical Meetings run by the BMVA. The editors are anxious to keep the scope fairly wide so that authors are not discouraged from submitting papers. However, if authors have any doubts about the scope, they can obtain advice from the Editor-in-Chief: for this purpose a title and a 3-line abstract, together with a few keywords, would be particularly useful.

Papers are subject to revision in the usual way and will be reviewed by a minimum of two experts. Authors are encouraged to submit clear, concise papers, which will typically be 10–-12 pages in length, though it is understood that some works may have to be considerably longer than this. Likewise, short papers (~6 pages) of the Electronics Letters type, which can be refereed and published more quickly, will be welcomed. In addition, it will be appropriate for some papers to refer to supplementary material, which may be published with, and electronically linked to, the submitted paper. The supplementary material may take the form of 3D models, movie clips, source code, and so on: it will have to be approved by the Editor.

Individual submissions and Special Issues

Originally, the Annals were targeted as Special Issues resulting from BMVA Technical Meetings. More recently, it has been decided to allow individual submissions to be made, irrespective of any Technical Meeting. To this end, anyone may submit a paper at any time.

Anyone who is thinking of submitting a paper can write to the Editor-in-Chief for advice. We are already welcoming individual submissions as well as Special Issues, and are looking forward to receiving many more such papers in future months and years.

Special Issues and Guest Editors

Prospective Guest Editors should contact the Editor-in-Chief regarding the particular arrangements for producing a Special Issue, whether or not this is related to a particular BMVA Technical Meeting or other conference. Special Issues would normally be published with a Guest Editorial outlining the papers and giving the motivation for the Special Issue.

Formatting of papers

Authors of papers to appear in the Annals are requested to prepare their paper using one of the following templates:

The above templates are deliberately kept short: for further details, particularly relating to the citation and reference format, prospective authors should look at sample papers already on the Annals website — e.g. 2007-0002.