The British Machine Vision Association and Society for Pattern Recognition 

Formatting Annals papers

The papers in the Annals are essentially produced by the authors as (electronic) camera-ready copy. While they are not printed, they are intended to be downloadable and printable. In preparing camera-ready copy the following conditions apply:

  1. The final accepted paper is actually accepted subject to the authors making adequate changes to bring the quality of the English, spelling, and punctuation up to an acceptable level, and to present the work in the desired ‘house style’. To this end, the accepted paper will be annotated lightly by the Editor and will be returned to the authors for correction. (Clearly, this situation does not correspond to the normal ‘proofs’ for printed journals: it is more an inverse proofing process, as the authors have to produce camera-ready copy in an acceptable form.)

  2. In the final paper, the references should be given in full, without abbreviations, except as listed below:

    • “Proceedings of the” should be replaced by “Proc.”
    • “Transactions of the” should be replaced by “Trans.”
    • “International” should be replaced by “Int.”
    • Well-known institutional abbreviations such as IEEE, IET, BMVA, BMVC are acceptable, but more obscure abbreviations (e.g. ASAE, FDA, IoA, SME) should not be used.
    • As for other journals, “et al.” will not be permissible in the list of references: all authors’ names should be listed.
    • Web references may be used, but need to be followed by the date the author last accessed them, as in the following example “(date of last access: 20 March 2009)”.
    • Overall, the references should be made consistent with each other, the same journal or conference being referred to in exactly the same way in the different references.
    • If in doubt, in the first instance authors should appeal to the sample paper. For further advice, contact the Editor-in-Chief.
  3. When the camera-ready version of the paper has been produced, all the source files (not just the pdf) should be emailed to the Editor-in-Chief, preferably as a zip file. Pictures should normally be in PNG, JPG or PDF format. The paper’s source file should be pdfLATEX source or Microsoft Word. The sources are needed because the Production Editor will have to make minor formatting changes appropriate to adding headers and putting the paper online; he is also happy to provide advice if you are having trouble making your document conform to the layout.