The British Machine Vision Association and Society for Pattern Recognition 

Volume 2009

Guest Editorial
Stephen J. McKenna and Jesse Hoey
Annals of the BMVA 2009 (1), 1-2

Registration of cardiac MSCT and optical tracking data: Image-guided CABG at the arrested heart
Claudia Gnahm, Christine Hartung, Reinhard Friedl, Martin Hoffmann and Klaus Dietmayer
Annals of the BMVA 2009 (2), 1-11

Performance of a 2D-3D Image Registration System using (Lossy) Compressed X-ray CT
Osama Dorgham, Mark Fisher and Stephen Laycock
Annals of the BMVA 2009 (3), 1-11

Segmentation of the Midbrain in Transcranial Sonographies using a Two-Component Deformable Mode
Karin Engel and Klaus D. Toennies
Annals of the BMVA 2009 (4), 1-12

Multi-object Segmentation with Coupled Deformable Models
Dagmar Kainmueller, Hans Lamecker and Stefan Zachow
Annals of the BMVA 2009 (5), 1-10

Spectral Clustering and Label Fusion For 3D Tissue Classification: Sensitivity and Consistency Analysis
William R. Crum
Annals of the BMVA 2009 (6), 1-12

Identification of atrophy patterns in Alzheimer’s disease based on SVM feature selection and anatomical parcellation
L. Mesrob, B. Magnin, O. Colliot, M. Sarazin, V. Hahn-Barma, B. Dubois, P. Gallinari, S. Lehericy, S. Kinkingnehun and H. Benali
Annals of the BMVA 2009 (7), 1-9

Functional Imaging of Tendon
A. K. Harvey, M. S. Thompson, L. E. Cochlin, P. A. Raju, Z. Cui, H. R. Cornell, P. A. Hulley and Sir M. Brady
Annals of the BMVA 2009 (8), 1-10

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