There are four regular mailshots each year to send out the BMVA Newsletter (typically early Jan, early April, early July, early October). These will also include any calls or programmes for forthcoming workshops, and the IAPR newsletter if the timing is right.

The Newsletter editor will alert people to the date of the next Newsletter, and thus that of the next mailshot.

Additional mailshots can be organised for important, time-sensitive information (eg the IAPR Newsletter or any immediate workshop announcement). However, they must be agreed by the Chairman.

Additional inclusions in newsletter mailshots can either be

The Newsletter editor can agree to additional academic inclusions. The Chairman must agree to any additional commercial inclusions (likely to be rare).


(As of December 2004):

To insert a single A4 sheet with an existing mailshot costs £6

To print an A4 sheet single-sided, black and white, and insert costs £25+£6 = £31 (£161.25 for colour).

To print an A4 sheet and perform an extraordinary mailshot costs £35 + £20 + £15 + £25 + £25 + £105 = £245 (£401.25 for colour)

(All costs exclusive of VAT.)