Membership of the BMVA is available in two forms:

Membership of the BMVA is not restricted to people living or working in the UK. Potential overseas applicants may be interested to learn that most technical meetings are in London, Manchester, or Birmingham, all of which have international airports.

The BMVA is affiliated to the International Association for Pattern Recognition, as are most other national machine vision organisations around the world.

Individual membership

You can join online here or by attending a technical meeting as a non-member.

You can also join with a paper application form from

BMVA Membership Secretary,
University Of Surrey,
Tel 01483 689851, Fax 01483 686031


Renewal of your membership happens yearly and can be paid for either by sending a cheque to the membership secretary (above) or by using the paypal form on the renewals page.

Corporate membership

The BMVA has a Corporate Membership Scheme to allow industry better access to research being conducted by the UK vision community. The scheme works as follows:

The benefits for an organisation taking out BMVA Corporate Membership are:

For further information about corporate membership, please contact the BMVA chairman,