The executive committee (ExCo) of the BMVA is the group of people charged with running its affairs.  The ExCo consists of ten elected members, from whom the principal officers of the Association are drawn, and several co-opted members.  The duration of ExCo membership is normally two years, with half the elected membership standing down each year.  (These people may, of course, stand for re-election.)  Co-opted members have a tenure of one year.

The current ExCo is as follows:

Office Person
Chairman Dr Adrian Clark (E16)
Treasurer and Company Secretary Dr Toby Breckon (E16)
Membership secretary Dr Helen Cooper
ExCo Meetings secretary Dr Helen Cooper
IAPR representatives Prof Majid Mirmehdi (E15)
Prof Robert Fisher (co-opt)
Meetings coordinator Dr Andrew Gilbert (E16)
Newsletter editor Prof Roy Davies (E15)
Social media Mike Edwards (E16)
Industrial liaison Dr Stephen Pollard (co-opt)
Bursaries Dr Lourdes Agapito (co-opt)
Thesis archive Dr Adrian Clark
BMVC 2016 chair Prof Richard Wilson (co-opt)
BMVC 2017 chair Dr T K Kim (co-opt)
MIUA conference coordinator Dr Xianghua Xie (E16)
Other members Prof Marina Bloj (E16)
Dr Neill Campbell (E15)
Ex-officio members Dr Andrew Fitzgibbon (co-opt)
Prof Edwin Hancock (co-opt)
Prof Mark Nixon (co-opt)